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Enhanced Safety Solutions for Manufacturing

Discover the versatility of our BeastWire® Automation Guarding solutions, designed to prioritize safety and flexibility. Our Standard BeastWire® welded wire mesh offers installation flexibility, allowing placement within 17½” of danger lines, while smaller mesh sizes cater to space-constrained environments. With our BeastWire® Mesh robotic work cells and security cages, featuring posts boasting a 2″ standard sweep space that exceeds RIA and Canadian standards, you can trust in our commitment to safety.

Safeguard high-hazard areas with our interlocked barrier guards, providing optimal personnel safety by enclosing robotics and automated equipment. Complemented by integrated safety interlock doors that automatically shut off upon opening, our solutions offer enhanced protection. For an extra layer of safety, consider incorporating presence sensing devices like light curtains into your setup. At SpaceGuard Products, we are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your machine and robotic guarding needs.

BeastWire Robotic Machine Guarding

BeastWire® machine Guarding Features

Elevate the protection of your valuable machinery and robotic assets with BeastWire® Machine & Robotic Guarding. Our innovative guarding solutions offer a range of features designed to ensure the safety and security of your equipment, all while conforming to industry standards. Explore the key attributes that set our guarding system apart. For a comprehensive understanding of the various product components and options across our entire range, be sure to visit the Product Components & Options page.

Multiple Mesh Varieties

Choose from 2” square (standard), 1½” diamond, 1” square, ½” square, expanded metal, or sheet metal

Flexible Height Options

Available in 6’, 7’, 8’, and custom heights to suit your specific needs

Versatile Door Solutions

Swing and slide doors with various locking and interlock options to enhance accessibility and security

Robust Structural Design

Built with a rugged and sturdy structural framework to withstand industrial environments

Compliance with Safety Standards

Conforms to ANSI B11.9 and RIA TR R15.406-2014 standards, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance

BeastWire® machine Guarding Benefits

With a focus on strength, flexibility, and ease of installation, BeastWire® Mesh Guarding provides a reliable and efficient solution for creating safe and secure enclosures.

Unrivaled Strength & Durability

BeastWire® Partitions boast fully welded 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire construction for superior strength and stability.

Flexible Design

BeastWire® Partitions offer a universal design for easy panel and post stacking, accommodating customizations like XL doors, automatic door closers, tamper-proof hardware, and heights up to 40'.

Effortless Installation

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with interchangeable posts and panels, reversible gates, and the flexibility to switch between lock setups. Panels stack between universal posts, guaranteeing a secure, straightforward installation with clean field cuts.

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Backed by an unrivaled 10-year warranty, BeastWire® Partitions offer long-lasting reliability for your security needs.

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BeastWire® machine Guarding Case Studies

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