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Safer Manufacturing Floors with SpaceGuard

According to OSHA statistics, workplace fatalities involving electrocutions, being struck by objects, or being caught in/between machines accounted for nearly 20% of incidents. In manufacturing settings where automated machinery, robots, and conveyors are prevalent, it is crucial to prioritize separating people from these potential hazards.

Explore our wire mesh solutions, offering robust construction and proven effectiveness, to create a safer manufacturing floor. Our reliable products not only reduce workplace accidents but also ensure compliance with OSHA safety regulations, leading to a safer environment for your employees and substantial cost savings related to injuries.

BeastWire Conveyor Guarding

Benefits of Manufacturing Safety Products

Discover our extensive manufacturing product range designed to meet the unique security and safety needs of the industry. From wire mesh enclosures to access control systems, our innovative solutions provide reliable protection and enhance operational efficiency in manufacturing facilities of all sizes.

Machine & Robotic Guarding

Worker Safety

The primary benefit of machine and robotic guarding in manufacturing applications is worker safety. The automated machinery and robots used in most manufacturing facilities pose a serious hazard to workers if not secured by guards. Guarding prevents contact with moving parts, hot surfaces, and sharp edges and, therefore, reduces workplace accidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Machine and robotic guarding solutions help manufacturing facilities comply with stringent safety regulations and standards, ensuring operations function legally. Regulatory compliance mitigates fines, liabilities, and reputation damage.


Workplace Efficiency

Partitions organize the workspace of a manufacturing floor, separating areas or zones, stages of production, or areas of specific functionality. Having spaces defined and separated organizes tasks and processes, eliminates distractions, and improves productivity.

Enhanced Security

A secure barrier protects valuable materials, equipment, and sensitive areas from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

Pallet Rack Safety & Storage

Optimized Storage

Utilizing pallet rack safety products ensures items are efficiently stacked and stored, helping manufacturers make the most of the available storage space. Components, raw materials, finished products, tools, and other inventory and assets are stored in an organized, accessible manner. Inventory management is streamlined.

Improved Safety

Pallet racking can pose an accident and injury threat when not properly maintained and secured with safety features. Collapsed racks, falling materials, and improper loading and unloading can all be mitigated with pallet rack safety products.

Mezzanine Railing

Worker Safety

Mezzanine railings offer protection for elevated areas which pose a threat of an accidental fall. Manufacturing tasks performed at upper levels, like quality control, maintenance, or inventory management, are more secure with railings in place.


Having mezzanines with properly secured railings helps manufacturing facilities make efficient use of vertical space, creating office spaces, storage areas, and assembly lines without compromising safety. Manufacturers can expand operations without construction or relocation.

AisleGuard Industrial Guardrail,
Bollards & Rack Guards

Infrastructure Protection

Guardrails, bollards, and rack upright guards protect critical components of manufacturing facility infrastructure by shielding machinery, vulnerable assets, electrical panels, walkways, and pallet racking. Accidental impacts on infrastructure disrupt operations, leading to downtime.

Worker Safety

Guardrails, bollards, and rack upright guards help create paths for manufacturing workers, reducing the risk of accidents. They serve as a shield from forklifts or operating machinery.

Infill Panels
& Window Guards

Security and Access Control

Infill panels and window guards in manufacturing facilities are protective barriers for windows and openings. Unauthorized access, break-ins, and vandalism are prevented, and inventory, equipment, and sensitive areas are protected.

Natural Lighting

Infill panels allow natural light to enter the manufacturing space, reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Window guards protect windows that provide a well-lit and energy-efficient workspace.


Controlled Access

Protect and control access to restricted zones, machinery, or loading docs with gates restricting entry to authorized personnel only.

Safety Barrier

In areas with potential for falls or accidents, gates serve as a safety barrier by blocking off open edges, or that automatically close when not in use.

Manufacturing Safety Product Applications

Discover how our versatile products revolutionize manufacturing operations with a wide range of applications, from securing equipment to optimizing storage and enhancing facility safety.

Robotic Guarding

Utility Guarding

Machine Guarding

Facility Access Control Cages

Conveyor Guarding

Tool Cribs

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FordLogan Applications

FordLogan Applications

Manufacturing Safety Product Case Studies

Explore our collection of compelling case studies showcasing real-world examples of how SpaceGuard Products has provided innovative security solutions to the manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to enhance safety, streamline operations, and protect valuable assets.

Manufacturing Safety Product Blogs

Discover a wealth of insightful blogs offering valuable industry knowledge, trends, and best practices specifically tailored to the manufacturing sector, empowering you to stay ahead in a competitive market.

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