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RageWire®, a leading brand in the field of machine and robotic guarding, was introduced in 2020 by SpaceGuard Products. With a strong focus on innovation and simplicity, RageWire® revolutionized the industry with its frameless guarding system. Comprised of just five components, RageWire® offers a cost-effective and intuitive solution for protecting machinery and ensuring worker safety. Designed to conform to ANSI/RIA standards, RageWire® combines advanced technology with a streamlined installation process, making it the ideal choice for efficient and effective robotic guarding in various industrial applications.

RageWire Robotic Guarding Yellow Robot

RageWire®: Applications

RageWire® Machine & Robotic Guarding offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to ensure safety and protection in industrial environments. With high-quality construction and adherence to safety standards, RageWire® provides reliable and robust guarding solutions for various applications.

RageWire® Products

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ragewire® Machine & Robotic Guarding

Cost-effective, frameless robotic guarding system comprised of just five components.

RageWire End View of V-bend Run

ragewire® Partitions

Versatile wire partitions for industrial applications, with a frameless design.

RageWire® Case Studies

Explore our collection of impactful case studies showcasing the proven effectiveness of RageWire® in various applications.

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Discover insightful and informative blogs covering a range of topics related to RageWire®, providing valuable insights and expert advice for maximizing its benefits.

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