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Mesh Guarding Simplified. Versatile. Secure.​

BeastWire® Mesh Guarding, introduced in 2016, is the result of our engineering department’s dedication to simplifying and consolidating product lines. By optimizing the design and reducing the number of components required, BeastWire® offers faster and more cost-effective solutions. 

BeastWire®’s modular system uses one universal panel for building wire mesh cages, lockers, rack guarding, and mesh infill systems, making installation easy without sacrificing security or integrity. The fully welded construction ensures unparalleled strength, and the universal components are readily available for shipment. With BeastWire®, you can have both security and quick installation for your safety projects. Trust BeastWire® Mesh Guarding to provide infinite solutions for your securing, guarding, and protecting needs.

BeastWire® Applications

BeastWire® Mesh Guarding offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for various applications, ensuring enhanced security and functionality. From driver cages to data center enclosures, tool cribs to rack storage, BeastWire® provides reliable protection for personnel, equipment, and valuable assets. Its modular design and universal panels allow for easy installation and customization, making it a flexible choice for a wide range of security needs.

BeastWire® Products

BeastWire® Mesh Guarding is a user-friendly and versatile modular system that simplifies the construction of wire mesh cages, lockers, rack guarding, and mesh infill systems. With the convenience of using a single type of panel, BeastWire® Mesh Guarding ensures ease of installation and eliminates the need for multiple components. Additionally, our secure and straightforward hardware ensures a reliable and efficient installation process.

BeastWire Gray Warehouse Partition

BeastWire® Partitions

Versatile wire mesh partitions for secure separation and organization.

Mezzanine Rail Guard Red

Mezzanine Railing

Sturdy and protective railing systems for mezzanine platforms.

BeastWire Storage Lockers Gray

BeastWire® Lockers

Durable wire mesh lockers for safe and efficient storage.

BeastWire Window Guard

Infill Panels

Wire mesh panels for filling gaps and enhancing safety in various applications.

BeastWire Rack Safety Enclosure with Siding and Bi-Parting Hinge Doors Orange

BeastWire® Pallet Rack Safety

Reliable safety solutions for pallet racking systems.

BeastWire Robotic Machine Guarding

BeastWire® Machine & Robotic Guarding

Robust guarding solution for heavy-duty applications.

BeastWire® Case Studies

Explore our collection of impactful case studies showcasing the proven effectiveness of BeastWire® in various applications.

Purdue Logo BeastWire Locker 2-768x576

Big Ten Storage Solved

The Situation As the building approached its 100-year anniversary, the Purdue Memorial Union underwent a renovation with the goal of modernizing the space while preserving

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BeastWire® Blogs

Discover insightful and informative blogs covering a range of topics related to BeastWire®, providing valuable insights and expert advice for maximizing its benefits.


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