Big Ten Storage Solved

The Situation

As the building approached its 100-year anniversary, the Purdue Memorial Union underwent a renovation with the goal of modernizing the space while preserving its history. In addition to new dining venues, performance stages, and collaboration areas, Purdue needed a secure storage solution to house equipment and materials for their Student Clubs.

Project Challenges

– 100-year-old building
– Structural obstacles – building columns
– Overhead obstacles – HVAC, lights, water lines, fire sprinklers

BeastWire Benefits

– Adaptability of wire mesh on-site
– Different size lockers available as standard
– Organized and secure storage

The Solution

A visit to Purdue was necessary to determine what challenges and obstacles working in the basement of a 100-year-old building might bring. After the area was surveyed and measurements were taken, the SpaceGuard Customer Service team was able to build the perfect quote, providing Purdue with two potential solutions – BeastWire Partition Cages and/or BeastWire Lockers.

The premium offer, BeastWire Cages, offer a greater range of sizes and locking options, while BeastWire Lockers offer an economic solution that accommodates smaller storage needs. Ultimately, Purdue elected to install lockers for a more cost-effective solution.

“Purdue is extremely pleased with the simplicity and quality of the BeastWire Lockers, [and] the ability to buy from instate business is always a bonus!” –Dane Smith, F.A. Wilhelm Construction

Before the order arrived, the SpaceGuard team held a call with the installation team to ensure a painless and effective install. In the end, Purdue was satisfied with the clean look and enhanced security of the BeastWire lockers.

Take the Next Step

Whether you need storage for large or small items, SpaceGuard can find the right solution for you. Our BeastWire Partitions and Lockers can be easily configured to meet your needs.

Contact us today at 812.523.3044 or [email protected] and ask about our Quick-Ship program!

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