Residential Storage Products

Secure Storage Solutions for Residential Living

SpaceGuard Products is the go-to partner for the residential industry, offering a range of top-quality solutions designed specifically for condos and apartments. Our customizable tenant storage lockers and cages provide secure and organized storage spaces, allowing property managers to optimize available square footage while ensuring the safety of residents’ belongings. With our durable wire mesh construction and various locking options, our products offer peace of mind and help create a sense of privacy for residents in shared spaces.

Whether it’s maximizing storage capacity, enhancing security, or improving overall functionality, SpaceGuard Products has the perfect solution for your residential property. Partner with us to elevate the living experience for your tenants and create a well-organized and secure environment they can truly call home.

Benefits of Residential Safety Products

SpaceGuard Products offers a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions specifically designed for the residential industry, including customizable tenant storage lockers and cages, providing residents and property managers with secure and organized storage spaces that optimize functionality and enhance the overall living experience.


Security and Safety

Wire partitions can create secure storage areas within residential properties, in a garage or shed, and enhance the security of valuable items like tools, bikes, and outdoor equipment. Secure storage reduces the risk of unauthorized access or theft and provides a safe barrier where hazardous materials can be stored away from children, preventing accidents or injuries.

Organization and Space Management

Wire Partitions help homeowners and renters efficiently organize space, dividing larger sections into smaller ones, storing and categorizing items more efficiently, promoting a clutter free, organized living environment. Wire partitions can create a designated area for a hobby or work within a home, adding additional functionality to an existing space.


Optimized Personal Storage

Lockers organize stored items within a residential setting and are particularly useful for shared living spaces such as apartments or dorms. Lockers can be securely locked, ensuring both privacy and security.

Space Optimization

Mudrooms, entryways, or garages are examples of areas of a house or apartment that can benefit from maximized space utilization, keeping shoes, outwear, sports equipment, and frequently used items organized, easily accessible, and clutter free.

Infill Panels & Window Guards

Enhanced Security and Safety

Designed to enhance the security of a residential property, infill panels and window guards act as a deterrent to burglars and intruders by adding protection at entry points and windows.

Aesthetic Improvement

Infill panels and window guards can complement the architecture or aesthetics of a home while serving a functional purpose. Both come in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes.


Access Control and Security

Gates deter unauthorized entry and can be paired with various access control systems such as remote controls, keypads, and intercoms to protect property.

Curb Appeal and Privacy

Gates are an attractive entryway that can be customized to match the style of a home and offer privacy by creating a barrier between the property and the outside world, allowing residents to enjoy their outdoor spaces without intrusion or curious observers.

Residential Safety Product Applications

Discover the diverse applications of SpaceGuard Products’ high-quality solutions in the residential industry, empowering homeowners and property managers to enhance security, optimize storage space, and create a well-organized living environment. Explore the various ways our products can improve functionality and elevate the residential experience.

Tenant Storage

Utility Guarding

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