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SpaceGuard Products is your trusted partner in the data centers industry, offering high-quality solutions designed to enhance security, organization, and efficiency in data center facilities. Our products, including wire partitions, security cages, mezzanines, and server enclosures, are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of data center operators.

With wire partitions and security cages, data centers can secure sensitive equipment, create designated access control areas, and protect valuable data assets. Our mezzanines offer a practical solution to maximize vertical space, allowing for efficiently utilizing server rooms and storage areas.

For enhanced server security, our server enclosures provide robust protection, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding critical infrastructure. Our customizable solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate within data center environments, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and optimizing operational workflows.

SpaceGuard Products has a proven track record of successfully empowering data center operators to enhance security, maximize efficiency, and protect valuable assets. Partner with us to optimize your data center operations and create a secure environment that ensures uninterrupted performance and peace of mind.

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Benefits of Data Center Safety Products

SpaceGuard Products offers a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions specifically designed for the data centers industry, providing robust security, efficient organization, and reliable protection for critical infrastructure.

Wire Partitions

Physical Security

Wire partitions help protect critical data center equipment with a high level of physical security to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

Airflow and Visibility

Wire partitions allow for airflow, promoting proper ventilation to dissipate heat from servers and equipment, maintaining optimal temperature control. Visibility within the data center facilitates easy monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

Security Cages and Server Enclosures

Physical Security and Equipment Protection

Cages and enclosures prevent unauthorized personnel from entering server rooms, protecting critical infrastructure components, servers, network gear, storage devices, and sensitive data from theft, tampering, and damage.


Increased Storage Capacity

Mezzanines take advantage of vertical space, and data storage facilities can effectively double their usable floor area for servers, racks, and physical media.

Enhanced Organization

Designed with shelving, racks, or specialized storage solutions, mezzanines make it easier to organize data storage equipment. Effective inventory management can reduce the time and effort used to locate data or hardware.

Data Center Safety Product Applications

Discover the applications of SpaceGuard Products’ high-quality solutions in the data center industry, addressing the unique needs of data center operators in areas such as equipment security, access control, server protection, and optimized space utilization.

Wire Partitions



Utility Guarding

Resources and Downloads

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Data Center Applications

Manufacturing Safety Product Case Studies

Explore our collection of compelling case studies showcasing real-world examples of how SpaceGuard Products has provided innovative security solutions to the manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to enhance safety, streamline operations, and protect valuable assets.

Manufacturing Safety Product Blogs

Discover a wealth of insightful blogs offering valuable industry knowledge, trends, and best practices specifically tailored to the manufacturing sector, empowering you to stay ahead in a competitive market.

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