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Application Overview

BeastWire Driver Cage In Use - Orange - SpaceGuard ProductsDriver cages, also known as facility access control cages, are essential components for maintaining security and controlling access within various facilities. Driver cages play a crucial role in securing building access, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering through unlocked entrances, particularly in dock areas. By confining drivers within the cages while they wait to drop off or pick up shipments, these cages also safeguard against accidents and keep untrained or unaccompanied staff away from potentially hazardous areas. 

SpaceGuard Products offers a wide range of driver cage solutions, designed with durable wire mesh construction to ensure both visibility and security. These cages can be customized to fit specific facility requirements, with options for access doors, gates, service windows, and various locking options. 

Whether for warehouse facilities, loading docks, or distribution centers, our driver cages create secure and controlled environments, prioritizing safety and streamlining operations. Rely on SpaceGuard Products to deliver reliable, high-quality, and functional driver cage solutions that cater to your access control needs.


Emergency Exit Provision

Security doors within the facility include push bars, providing employees with a safe and easy exit during emergencies, ensuring their well-being.

Convenient Service Windows

Built-in service windows offer a practical solution for secure exchanges and communication between staff and visitors, streamlining your facility's operations.

Versatile Configuration

Driver cages are typically constructed with three sides that connect to a wall or door, making them adaptable to fit any size space and providing flexibility in placement within your facility.

Customizable Access Options

Various connection, door, lock, and mesh options are available, allowing for customized access configurations tailored to the unique needs of individual facilities.

Seamless Facility Integration

The wire mesh construction of the driver cage allows for visibility and ventilation, eliminating the need for modifications to HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems during installation.



Enhanced Security

Driver cages provide a secure environment, preventing unauthorized access and protecting valuable assets.


Prevent Unauthorized Access

Manage and control entry and exit, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access to your facility.


Accident Prevention

Confine drivers to a designated area, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a safer work environment.


Organized Workflow

Create an efficient workflow by providing drivers with a designated check-in area, optimizing operational efficiency.

Product Range

SpaceGuard Products offers two exceptional driver’s cage and facility access cage solutions meticulously designed to provide secure access control and enhance safety within warehouses, distribution centers, and loading docks. Our customizable cages can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your facility’s needs.

Driver Cage Case Studies

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Driver Cage Blogs

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