RageWire® Mesh Partitions

Efficient and Versatile Space Separation Solution

RageWire® Mesh Partitions provide a dependable and adaptable solution for industrial and commercial environments. Engineered for efficiency and ease, the frameless wire partition panel system consists of only five components. The modular design allows for seamless installation and customization, whether you require secure enclosures or efficient space organization. With its reliability and flexibility, RageWire® Partitions offer a versatile solution to meet your needs.

RageWire End View of V-bend Run

RageWire® Mesh Partition Features

RageWire® Mesh Partitions keep it simple with the entire product line consisting of one standard panel (5′ wide), with universal posts (6′, 7′, 8′ tall), one bracket, two door options, and electric interlock integration. For a comprehensive understanding of the various product components and options across our entire range, be sure to visit the Product Components & Options page.


Pivot posts allow for easy management of corners with 160° of rotation.


V-bend in mesh adds structural integrity and allows for wire management.


Carriage bolt attaches bracket to post and machine screw secures mesh to bracket.


Easy-install swing & slide doors come standard; BeastWire™ doors are available for specialized applications.


Standard doors come with pull handle and padlock hasp; Fortress Interlocks are available for added security.


Standard powder coating finish features yellow posts with black panels.

RageWire® Mesh Partition Benefits

Experience the seamless and cost-effective solution for your partitioning needs with RageWire®. Our innovative approach ensures an intuitive and hassle-free installation process—simply plant a post and hang a panel. Explore the wide range of benefits and features that our RageWire® system has to offer below.

Strength and Rigidity

V-bend mesh panel design adds strength and rigidity to the system, along with a built-in, recessed cable management cavity

Easy Field Modifications

Unframed panels allow for easy field modifications

Quick Panel Lift-Out System

Saddle pocket brackets provide a quick panel lift-out system for machine access and fast panel reengagement

Easy Corner Management

The unique pivot post design allows for easy management of corners with 160° of rotation

No Disengage Upon Impact

All hardware comes secured to the bracket and will not disengage upon impact

4″ Sweep Space

4″ sweep space for easy cleaning access

Fortress Interlocks

Swing and slide doors incorporate with Fortress interlocks for a secure system

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RageWire® Installation Instructions

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How to Install RageWire®

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The 5 Key Components of RageWire®

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