Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering Services

SpaceGuard Products, along with our partners, provide comprehensive safety engineering services, leveraging our expertise to create tailored safety solutions. Our skilled engineers can assess many aspects of our products in relation to your business, ensuring optimal safety and compliance.

Seismic Calculations

Our engineers will assess your facility, perform calculations , and recommend detailed solutions that meet seismic requirements, in order to withstand potential seismic events to safeguard assets.

Anchoring Design

Proper anchoring is crucial, our team will evaluate your facility, taking into account important features such as floor type, load requirements, and local regulations. Expert recommendations and custom anchoring solutions ensure the stability and safety of your equipment. The anchoring that we recommend will be safely and securely installed, minimizing risk of accidents and maximizing the protection of assets and employees.

Construction Drawings

SpaceGuard Products also offers construction drawings (plan and elevation views) that provide the dealer, customer, and installer a detailed layout of the entire project, showing specific locations of posts, panels, doors, and more. These drawings include any special detail instructions that are required of the installer for correct placement and/or attachment of materials and hardware. This is especially helpful when special size materials are being incorporated into the project.

Engineer Stamped Designs and Calculations

Ensure regulation compliance with our engineer stamped designs and calculations. Whether it’s the design of racking systems or safety barriers, you can be assured that your safety solutions are backed by expertise and are built and calculated according to industry standards.

Custom Solutions

Our engineering team continues to improve our products and expand our offerings through innovative design. Whether it’s our patented Grrripper Bracket, the only drop-in device for attaching safety containment panels to teardrop pallet rack, or the various lock and closing options for our partition systems, we’ve pre-engineered to fit our systems based on customer demands.

Safety Engineering FAQs

What is warehouse safety engineering?

Warehouse safety engineering is the assessment, design, and in some cases, implementation, of safety solutions and products. The purpose is to prevent hazards, ensure the well-being of the workers, and protect the assets in a warehouse.

Why is warehouse safety engineering important?

Vital for preventing accidents, injuries, and damage to property, warehouse engineering helps identify hazards, develop safety protocol, and ensure the equipment chosen is safe, secure, and complies with standards.

How does engineering custom safety solutions and products improve productivity?

Engineering custom safety solutions and products enhances the overall environment of a workplace, identifies and addresses safety concerns and reduces the occurrence of accidents and injuries which leads to fewer disruptions.

Can safety engineering be customized to our facility?

Warehouse engineering services can be tailored to the unique characteristics of a business, with layout, workflow, and hazards taken into consideration.

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