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We understand the need for speed when it comes to securing your space. That’s why we offer a dedicated Quick Ship program, providing expedited solutions for your wire partition and area guarding needs. With our Quick Ship program, you can count on swift order processing and reduced lead times, ensuring that your products are delivered promptly.

Rest assured that while we prioritize speed, we never compromise on the quality and reliability of our products. Discover the convenience of our Quick Ship program and experience accelerated solutions without compromising on excellence.

Lead Times

Brand Standard Order Special Order
RageWire® 2-3 days 15-20 days
FordLogan 7-10 days 25-30 days
BeastWire® 3-5 days 20-30 days
Centurion™ 3-5 days ---

Last Updated: June 24, 2024

Please note the following:

  • The specified lead times are general. SpaceGuard Products reserves the right to modify the delivery date as required.
  • Standard Order refers to standard colors (see chart below) and standard/common components.
  • The lead times above are shown in working days and begin after approval drawings are signed.
  • If shorter lead times are required, please contact our customer service team at (812) 523-3044.
  • Should your order have products with different lead times, please consider the longer lead time for the complete order.
  • The lead time quoted does not include shipping time.

Standard Colors

Brand Color
RageWire® Black Panels | Yellow Posts
FordLogan Black or Gray Posts & Panels
BeastWire® Black or Gray Posts & Panels
Centurion™ Red

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