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Reliable & Durable Storage Solutions

BeastWire® Lockers provide the ultimate solution for secure storage in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. Built with rugged construction and high-quality materials, these storage lockers ensure durable protection for your, or your tenant’s, belongings. The open design of wire mesh lockers offers visibility, ventilation, and optimal circulation for air, light, and heat, while allowing for seamless integration with fire suppression systems. 

Available in various sizes and configurations, BeastWire® Lockers can be customized to meet your specific storage needs. With their reliable and versatile design, these lockers keep your personal items, equipment, or supplies safe and organized. Trust in the robustness and exceptional quality of BeastWire® Mesh Lockers for all your storage requirements.

BeastWire Warehouse Storage Locker

BeastWire® Locker Features

BeastWire® Lockers offer versatile solutions for secure storage needs for condos and apartments, as well as commercial and industrial applications. These lockers come with various features to ensure durability, functionality, and customization. For a comprehensive understanding of the various product components and options across our entire range, be sure to visit the Product Components & Options page.

Mesh Versatility

Choose from standard 2” square mesh available in 10-gauge and 6-gauge wire, with smaller mesh sizes also available.

Universal Doors

Enjoy the convenience of universal doors that allow for right or left swings with a simple flip of the door.

Height Options

Opt for 6’, 7’, or 8’ high units to fit various room heights and avoid overhead obstructions.

Tier Options

Select from single, double, and triple-tier lockers, with shelving and hanging rod options available for customization.

Other options

Customizations such as shelving, back/ceiling panels, coat rods and hooks, sliding doors, portable lockers and more.

BeastWire® Locker Benefits

Easy To Build

Prefabricated components and minimal hardware enable quick assembly without the need for cutting or drilling.

Built To Last

Fully framed and welded panel construction with carriage bolt connections ensures long-lasting durability and prevents breakage over time.


Allows for easy reconfiguration of units or entire layouts as storage needs change.


Storage lockers and cages can be customized to meet various requirements, including multiple heights, extended width and depths, bases, shelves, and different infill options.


Backed by an unrivaled 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

BeastWire® Lockers Resources & Downloads

BeastWire Lockers

BeastWire® Lockers

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BeastWire® Locker Installation Guide

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BeastWire® Mesh Field Survey for Lockers

BeastWire® Lockers Case Studies

Explore Real-World Success Stories: Discover how organizations across various industries have leveraged the durability, functionality, and security of BeastWire® lockers to meet their unique storage needs. Industry applications include: condo lockers, apartment storage lockers, military readiness, employee lockers, and hospital and laboratory storage.

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BeastWire® Lockers Blogs

Stay Informed and Gain Insights: Dive deeper into the world of BeastWire® lockers with our informative and engaging blog posts, offering valuable tips, industry trends, and expert advice on maximizing the efficiency and utility of your storage solutions.

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