Increased eCommerce Demand Requires Smart Solutions for Apartment Managers


Over the past few years, and especially with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce orders have skyrocketed. For those living in multifamily housing and owners or managers of apartments and condos, safely securing UPS, FEDEX, and other home deliveries has become a challenging proposition.


As a result, the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency believes it pertinent to issue the following bulletin:

Although eCommerce has been on the upswing in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people shop on a fundamental level. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, the average apartment community received approximately 150 packages per week in 2018.

However, in 2020 that number increased exponentially due to an influx of new users engaging in online purchases and an uptick in the frequency of purchases, which has left apartment companies reeling to figure out how to handle the increase in packages. Because the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) regulations currently prevent other delivery carriers from accessing U.S.P.S. mailboxes, apartment communities face challenges managing deliveries for their tenants from U.P.S., FedEx, and other shipping companies.

Package lockers, a centralized exchange point for deliveries in apartments, universities, and corporations, have become a popular option to combat this problem. Packages held in mailrooms, reception areas, or placed outside of doorways can be easily misplaced or stolen.

However, parcel hubs enable carriers to deposit packages in designated locked compartments until the recipients can pick them up, making last-mile delivery convenient and straightforward for everyone involved.

As the package locker option has become more popular among multifamily units, numerous companies have come out with their versions of smart package management solutions that cost anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 to install and require monthly service and support fees from $1.50 to $6.00 per compartment. While these options may be optimal for larger multifamily communities, they may be cost-prohibitive for smaller, independent owners and managers.


Wire mesh triple-tier storage lockers or single cages, however, can be a simple, yet a cost-effective option. These storage solutions keep tenant packages safe between delivery and pick-up, especially when storage is needed but not a lot of space is available. Also, they fit perfectly in various areas, including under stairs, in breezeways, and in lobbies and other common areas due to their adaptability and modular design.

With panels available in as little as 1-foot increments and fully framed and pre-hung doors, installation is a breeze. Owners can secure each locker with a padlock, digital keypad locks, or any device that will allow the lockers to be opened by the resident’s mobile phone, Q.R. code scan, or pin code.

Multifamily housing providers who want to simplify last-mile delivery of packages for their tenants without investing in costly smart package management hubs should consult with the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency. Learn how welded wire mesh protection can enhance your physical security plans.

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