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Safer Construction and Architectural Sites with SpaceGuard

The significance of safety in the dynamic environment of construction and architectural settings is paramount.  Ensuring the well-being of workers, the protection of valuable assets, and compliance with rigorous safety regulations are imperatives. SpaceGuard products mitigate risk, foster a secure environment, and shape the success of projects large and small. 

Benefits of Construction Safety Products

Machine and Robotic Guarding

Worker Safety

Machine and robotic guarding protect construction workers from moving machinery and robotics, reducing the risk of injury.


Ensuring workers are safe with proper guarding solutions allows minimal disruptions, efficient workflow operations, and increased productivity.



Clear and secure separation of construction areas helps prevent accidents and unauthorized access, enhances overall safety on the construction site.

Material Organization

Designated storage areas for construction materials, tools, and equipment streamlines inventory management, reduces theft risk, and contributes to a more organized construction process.

Mezzanine Railings

Fall Prevention

Work platforms, multi-levels, or mezzanines post a fall risk and mezzanine railings reduce the risks.


Construction companies are subject to safety regulations and mezzanine railings keep them in compliance, avoiding fines and legal issues.

Guardrails and Bollards

Edge Protection and Site Security

Staircases or balconies on construction sites prevent falls and improve worker safety. Both guardrails and bollards can be used to restrict access to construction zones, safeguarding equipment from theft and vandalism and preventing unauthorized access.

Equipment Protection

Strategically placed bollards and guardrails protect valuable construction vehicles and equipment from accidental collisions.


Access Control

Gates provide control at entry and exit points, only allowing authorized access, and sectioning off hazardous areas reduces the risk of accidents and trespassing.


Equipment Organization

Secure storage for personal belongings or job related tools and equipment promotes organization and prevents theft or loss.

Construction Safety Product Applications

Machine and Robotic Guarding

Guardrails and Bollards



Mezzanine Railings


Resources and Downloads

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FordLogan Applications

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