Woven Wire: A Flexible Advantage


An International leader in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) needed a woven wire protective guarding technology for a large custom system.

The solution needed to meet OSHA machine guarding specifications that properly prevented personnel from coming into contact with the automated equipment.

Also, the solution needed to include a safety barrier in case an item fell or slipped from the machines. Likewise, the guarding material needed to absorb the strong energy of any falling items.

Another key consideration for this particular system was limited space in the facility. Therefore, they needed a barrier guarding solution that required minimal growth to allow employees to work within the contained space. Yet still, maximize the number of standard components used to keep price and lead times down. In fact, they needed a guarding system that would be ready as soon as possible.


The customer chose FordLogan woven wire partitions, a proven industry-standard manufactured by SpaceGuard Products, and an active member of the Woven Wire Products Association (WWPA). FordLogan’s 10-ga diamond woven wire mesh meets all code requirements by not allowing a 2-inch diameter ball to pass through the mesh with 50-lbs of lateral force applied.

The woven wire is stronger than welded mesh options due to its shape and the triple intermediate crimp between wire intersections. Also, this unique design makes the mesh more flexible to better withstand and absorb side impacts.

With both time and space limited, FordLogan was the perfect solution. Unlike many welded wire systems, the post in the woven wire required minimal growth in the overall dimensions providing the flexibility required.

As an added bonus, all of the doors can be reversed in the field—in case of changes in the floor plan. This entire customized cage used all standard sized doors, panels, and posts. In doing this we kept the price low for the customer and allowed us to ship the material in 48 hours!

For more information about FordLogan products, download the FordLogan Literature Sheet.

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