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Industry Solutions for Safety

Our extensive range of industrial safety products and industry solutions is tailored to address the varied requirements of multiple sectors. We prioritize adaptability and customization, ensuring that each industry benefits from specialized solutions to enhance both safety and efficiency.


The automotive industry has rigorous demands for a secure and efficient environment due to cutting-edge technology associated with large production parts and moving equipment. 

Machine and Robotic Guarding: Protects workers from potential hazards associated with automated equipment in automotive manufacturing processes.

Partitions: Optimize space with designated areas for assembly lines, storage, and other specialized automotive processes.

Bollards: Safeguard sensitive areas such as equipment assembly lines.

Aisle Guards: Control traffic in spaces where vehicles and heavy equipment are operated or assembled, protect sensitive equipment, or prevent access.

Food and Beverage

The environment of food and beverage facilities must be secure and hygienic in order to protect the integrity of food products in the production and distribution processes. 

Partitions: Create designated areas for storage or processing of food.

Bollards: Safeguard sensitive areas, such as food processing zones or storage spaces, to prevent collisions and prevent contamination.

Aisle Guards: Enhance safety and hygiene protocols in spaces where food and beverages are handled.

Machine Guarding: Mixing, blenders, grinders, crushers, cutting and slicing machines, cooking and heating equipment, cooling and freezing equipment, bottling and canning equipment, and packaging machinery all have moving parts that can present hazards to surrounding personnel. Machine guarding prevents accidents. 

Pallet Rack Repair: Safely repair damaged racking without the need for replacement, for storage fo raw materials, intermediate products, finished good, packaging materials, and inventory.

Transportation & Logistics Centers

Transportation and logistics are vital hubs in moving goods and people to seamlessly facilitate connections across regions and industries. Facilities form the backbone of interconnected networks and require customized solutions for safety and security. 

Partitions: Create designated areas for inventory management, sorting, and packaging. 

Bollards: Safeguard loading docks, equipment storage, and other assets. 

Aisle Guard: Enhance safety in spaces where vehicles, forklifts, and sorting equipment are operated.

Technology and Manufacturing

The design, production, and advancement of a wide range of technological products, from electronics to machinery, requires a constant focus on precision solutions for facility efficiency. 

Machine and Robotic Guarding: Implement guarding to protect workers from hazards posed by advanced automated equipment. 

Partitions: Optimize space for assembly lines, quality control, and research. 

Bollards: Prevent collisions and damage to advanced technology assets.

Aisle Guards: Prevent traffic in spaces where complex machinery or manufacturing processes are in operation.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry has stringent requirements for providing a secure and compliant environment for critical processes. 

Machine and Robotic Guarding: Safeguard valuable equipment that performs medical functions. Ensure pharmaceutical manufacturing processes involving automated equipment are secure. 

Partitions: Create designated areas or cages for research, production, and storage. Create secure storage areas for valuable medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, or sensitive patient records. Controlled access ensures that only authorized personnel can enter these areas.

Lockers: Storage solutions for personnel promote adherence to strict hygiene protocols. 

Bollards: Protect sensitive pharmaceutical equipment from collision. 

Aisle Guards: Enhance safety protocols in areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research activities. 

Gates: Create day gates with a power slide door within storage vaults, leaving the concrete vault open but allowing open and close secure access for authorized personnel throughout the day.


Safety measures and rigorous protocols in this rapidly evolving sector encompass cultivation, processing, distribution, ensuring product purity and consistent quality. 

Partitions: Create secure storage for cannabis processes or products, money, and security weapons. 

Lockers: Used to store cannabis products, for order fulfillment and distribution, employee storage and security, and for compliance with regulatory requirements, lockers offer a secure solution for the cannabis industry.

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector is a cornerstone of modern infrastructures, it presents unique challenges for critical electricity, natural gas, water supply, and waste management factions that must be expertly protected and safeguarded. 

Secure Access Points: Gates provide secure access to outdoor utility and control boxes. 

Machine and Robotic Guarding: Protect workers from automated equipment.

Partitions: Create designated areas for equipment maintenance, control centers, or storage. 

Bollards: Prevent collisions and protect against potential damage to critical assets. 

Aisle Guards: Control traffic in designated areas of equipment operation or maintenance activities.


Our storage solutions cater to the unique needs of educational institutions, ensuring a secure environment for students, staff, and assets.

Partitions: Create designated areas within classrooms, common spaces, or storage areas

Lockers: Secure storage for student belongings.

Rail Guards: Safeguard students and staff near elevated areas.


In the banking industry, safety measures are paramount, serving as the bedrock of trust and reliability. With a primary focus on safeguarding financial assets, client information, and sensitive transactions, stringent safety protocols and cutting-edge security technologies are implemented to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of banking operations.

Gates: In conjunction with partition panels, gates can be used to create vault traps for secure access to particular areas, including vaults and offices. 

Partitions: Create cages for money counting, document storage, restricted access areas, equipment storage, and temporary holding areas. Designate particular areas within bank vaults.

Art Storage

Provide a secure environment to keep valuable artworks and collections organized and prevent unwanted access. Proper storage is a critical component in preserving and safeguarding valuable artworks to ensure their longevity. 

Partitions: Customize storage area size and shapes according to specific artwork features. Partitions can also be used as a mechanism to hang artworks for storage. 

Lockers: Individualized storage for supplies, tools, or personal belongings of artists and staff.

Dog Shelters/Kennels

A vital refuge for stray or abandoned dogs or a temporary place to stay, dog shelters and kennels can benefit from customized safety products and solutions to ensure a secure and well-organized environment for the well-being of the animals. 

Partitions: Create designated areas for specific purposes such as play, sleep, or medical treatment. 

Lockers: Provide secure storage for easy access to essential items for the care of animals.

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SpaceGuard Products offers adaptable and personalized industry solutions designed for a broad spectrum of applications in various sectors. Whether in agriculture or aviation, oil and gas or mining, hospitality and entertainment or environmental conservation and chemicals, our solutions, including cutting-edge industrial storage and safety products, stand as essential assets. They are crucial in enhancing security, efficiency, and providing peace of mind across diverse industries.

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