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Controlled Substance Safety Products

Optimal Solutions for the DEA, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Cannabis Industry

Federal regulations demand stringent storage standards for narcotics, pharmaceuticals, and controlled substances. Achieving top-tier security doesn’t mean expensive solutions. Our wire mesh partitions, panels, posts, ceilings, doors, and gates fully comply with the DEA’s rigorous requirements (Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76) for Schedule III-V controlled substances.

Benefits of Controlled Substance Safety Products

Regulatory Compliance

Designed to meet strict regulatory requirements, our wire panels, posts, ceilings, doors, and gates help controlled substance handling operations maintain a high level of security, protect valuable and sensitive substances, and avoid legal issues.

Wire Partitions & Cages


Wire Panels achieve the necessary safety standards for controlled substances and are more affordable than custom-built enclosures or partitions.

Doors and Gates

Access Control

Doors and gates in the controlled substance industry are designed with security as the top priority, providing a robust barrier that restricts access to authorized personnel only. Key card readers, biometric scanners, keypad entry, or other advanced access control systems can be integrated with doors and gates to ensure restricted areas are only accessible to those with proper clearance.

Controlled Substance Safety Product Applications

Wire Partitions & Cages



Cannabis Industry:

Doors and Gates




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Data Center Applications

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