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Secure, Guard & Protect with Solutions from SpaceGuard

SpaceGuard provides a diverse selection of premium solutions designed to safeguard your valuable assets. Our top-quality safety products cater to various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and government facilities.

We prioritize the protection of your equipment, inventory, and personnel, recognizing the significance of mitigating potential risks. With our products constructed from high-grade materials, they are engineered to endure even the harshest environments. Discover our extensive range of products today and enjoy the reassurance that comes with a secure space.

Mesh Types & Panel Options

10 gauge, 2” x 2” Welded Wire Panel - SpaceGuard Products

10-gauge, 2” x 2” Welded Wire

Standard BeastWire® Panel

RageWire Mesh Panel with Side View of V-Bend Mesh

8-gauge, 1 ¼” x 4” Welded Wire

Standard RageWire® Panel

10 gauge, 1 ½” Diamond Woven Wire Panel - SpaceGuard Products

10-gauge, 1 ½” Diamond Woven Wire

Standard FordLogan Panel

6 gauge, 2” x 2” Welded Wire Panel - SpaceGuard Products

6-gauge, 2” x 2” Welded Wire

10 gauge, ½” x ½” Woven Wire Panel - SpaceGuard Products

10-gauge, ½” x ½” Woven Wire

10 gauge, 1” x 1” Woven Wire Panel - SpaceGuard Products

10-gauge, 1” x 1” Woven Wire

Expanded Metal Panel - SpaceGuard Products

Expanded Metal

16 gauge Sheet Metal Panel - SpaceGuard Products

16-gauge Sheet Metal

Welded Wire Mesh 

BeastWire® Mesh panels consist of wire mesh or steel infill material securely welded into a 1¼” x ⅛” thick angle frame. They are available in one-foot increments up to 10′ wide and 5′ high and can be installed upright thanks to BeastWire®’s universal hole pattern.

RageWire® panels are frameless and made of 8-gauge welded wire mesh with a 1¼” x 4” opening. The V-bend design not only enhances strength and rigidity, but functions as a built-in recessed cable management cavity. Standard sizes include widths of 5′ and heights of 6′, 7′, and 8′.

Woven Wire Mesh

FordLogan panels offer sturdy construction with 10-gauge UNI-MESH™ 1½” diamond pattern wire mesh securely clinched into frames. ‘C’ type channels form the vertical (1¼″ x ⅝″) and horizontal (1″ x ½″) frame members, connected with mortise and tenon joints. Slotted holes allow for easy mounting. Stocked in heights of 7′, 8′, and 10′, and widths from 1′ to 5′.


Door/Gate Styles

Welded Wire Doors - BeastWire® & RageWire®

Woven WIre Doors - FordLogan

Door Hardware

Mortise Lock


Padlock Hasp


Electric Strike

Panic Bar

Westinghouse RTS Series Lock

Lockey 2500

Marks USA 170

Door Opening/Closing Options

Hydraulic Closer in a Panic Door

Hinged Hydraulic Door Closer 

Hydraulic closers are available for hinge doors and easily installed using our pre-drilled mounting bracket.

Slide Door Hydraulic Closer

Slide Door Hydraulic Closer 

These closers are mounted to the track and feature an arm that rolls in a guide channel on the back of the door, providing a smooth and controlled closing motion. They offer a superior alternative to gravity-dependent track setups, especially for security-conscious applications like DEA-compliant Pharmaceutical Cages, while remaining cost-effective.

Automated Slide Door Closer - SpaceGuard Products

Automated Slide Door Closer 

BeastWire® Mesh offers advanced automated slide gate closers, surpassing traditional fence gate operators. Our operators are mounted above the door on the track, saving valuable space and reducing the risk of being damaged by forklift traffic. With a powerful motor and only one moving part, our industrial-strength closers are easy to install and adjust. They operate quietly and require minimal maintenance.

Our automated closers provide additional features such as delayed closing for safe passage of materials and personnel, light barriers, and a pressure-sensitive return for enhanced safety. Each closer comes with one wall-mounted station and two handheld remotes that can be conveniently attached to a forklift or other equipment.


SpaceGuard Products is proud to lead with high-quality powder coatings from the Sherwin Williams product family. In addition to the in-stock colors listed below, we are able to match any RAL color.

Standard finishes

BeastWire Cage with Service Window and Access Door - Pharma Logistics - SpaceGuard Products

BeastWire® - BeastBlack or Gray Panels & Posts

RageWire Robotic Guarding Yellow Robot

RageWire® - BeastBlack Panels & Safety Yellow Posts

FordLogan Utility Cage - Double Hinge Door - Black

FordLogan - BeastBlack or Gray Panels & Posts

Centurion Row Guard - Color Cut - SpaceGuard Products

Centurion™ - Red Baron

In-Stock Colors

Safety Yellow
Pure Orange
Regal Red
Vista Green
Gloss White

Please note that the colors shown here are approximations. Please contact your Customer Service Representative to request paint samples.

Additional Product Options

Locker Options & Add-Ons


Our locker shelves fit seamlessly inside 3-wall starters and 2-wall adder configurations. They can be secured using our standard locker flats, offering bolt-through capability. These flats provide flexibility to set the shelf at the desired height. Alternatively, adjustable shelf clips are available for hanging options. We offer both full and half-depth shelves, versatile for various storage needs. These shelves can also double as a raised floor or base, and can be provided in solid sheet metal or other steel infill options upon request.

BeastWire Double-Tier Locker with Ceiling and Sheet Metal Back

Back Panels

BeastWire® storage lockers come with solid or wire mesh backs. The standard 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal backs are designed to match the holes in the side wall panels. For “adder” units sharing common side walls, a 3” wide splice plate bridges the extra distance caused by the orientation of the side wall panel. Galvanized sheet metal backs increase the unit’s depth by ⅛” to ¼” (where a splice plate is present). BeastWire® Mesh panels can also serve as wire mesh backs, connecting in the same way as doors and wall panels. Note that this increases the unit’s depth by 1 ½”.


BeastWire® Mesh panels are suitable for creating a lid or ceiling above the storage locker. A 1 ½” 14-gauge perforated angle connects the ceiling, and panels are often shared to cover multiple adjacent units, saving project costs. Ceilings add 1 ½” to the overall height.

Portable Lockers

Our BeastWire® lockers can be configured for portability. Available with casters or fork pockets, they come in various sizes and configurations. These portable storage carts have found applications in pharmaceutical warehouses, retail stores, military installations, construction sites, and more. The solid construction ensures secure transport of valuable merchandise, tools, and assets without frequent cart replacement.

Additional Locker Options & Add Ons

  • Leveling Legs
  • Coat Rods and Hooks 
  • Sliding Doors
BeastWire Mesh Military Readiness Locker with Drawer - SpaceGuard Products.png

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