Support Training

As our Mission states, we are committed to operate with integrity, providing superior products and first-in-class guarding solutions. Part of our commitment is to provide support training.

Our support training includes:

BeastBuilder 3D Quoting and Training Software

Design a solution to fit your space and budget within minutes, while gaining real-time knowledge on the construction and capabilities of our BeastWire® Mesh Guarding line.

Field Surveys

Field Surveys help calculate the dimensions and materials for BeastWire® Mesh Partitions and Lockers along with a Rack Safety System RFQ

Pre-Installation Training

Offered to all customers on any project big or small. Our staff can train you on everything from how materials are packaged and received, through the installation of the last fastener. Gain powerful insight to properly stage and install components in the most efficient manner prior to construction. Don’t worry, we’re only a call or email away after you get started.

Live Video Conferencing

Meet live to discuss your needs. In addition, our YouTube video library provides technical product details as well as real-world applications and best practices. As industry-leading experts, we cover the relevant codes and standards applicable to your market or specific project.

The Benefits of Support Training

SpaceGuard is proud to provide proper training when buying, installing, and using our products, as a commitment to our customers. Support Training has many benefits.



Proper training ensures users know how to safely install and operate the product, which minimizes the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage.



Using our products effectively maximizes efficiency and performance which ensures the expected results.



Understanding how to adhere to relevant regulations, best practices, and standards helps to avoid potential regulatory or legal issues.



Installing, using, and maintaining the products you buy from SpaceGuard in the proper manner prolongs the lifespan of the products. Adequate training guarantees proper product handling, which reduces the likelihood of premature damage and wear.


Cost Savings

Training reduces the risk of product misuse, improper installation, expensive repairs, or legal liabilities.



Correct usage of products ensures high productivity, reduces downtime, and optimizes overall operations.



Training fosters a culture of learning and places emphasis on staying within best practices, updating to new techniques, and ongoing innovation within a business.

At SpaceGuard we understand the customer’s needs vary and we are dedicated to meeting those requirements. If you don’t see specific training that you may need, our team is ready to collaborate with you to develop a specialized training program.

Contact a member of our team to get training started today.

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