Rack Storage

Application Overview

In the world of storage and warehousing, safety and efficiency are paramount. SpaceGuard Products understands these crucial priorities, which is why we offer innovative Rack Storage solutions designed to optimize your storage capacity while enhancing workplace safety. Our Rack Storage systems are the result of years of expertise and a commitment to creating solutions that prevent accidents, minimize product damage, and increase overall efficiency.

Rack Storage Features

Falling Object Prevention

SpaceGuard's Rack Storage systems are engineered to prevent products from falling off storage areas, a common cause of workplace accidents. Our robust designs ensure that your valuable inventory stays securely in place.

Full Enclosure Options

Our BeastWire® panels can be used to fully enclose a rack bay with siding and doors, offering multiple style options to fit various needs. This added feature enhances security and protection, ensuring your inventory is shielded from external elements and potential tampering.

Adaptable Bracket Design

We offer versatile brackets with adjustable offsets, providing adaptable solutions to suit your unique storage requirements. This flexibility ensures that your products are securely stored, regardless of your rack configuration.

Vertical Coverage

Our systems are designed to provide comprehensive vertical coverage, extending above the uppermost bay. This feature plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of accidents and maximizing safety.

NFPA Compliance

SpaceGuard's Rack Storage solutions contribute to compliance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards. By attaching rack panels to the inside of back-to-back uprights, we maintain the flue space, which promotes vertical venting of flames during a fire. This design enables sprinkler systems to reach burning materials without obstructions, helping to contain potential fire hazards.

Rack Storage Benefits


Enhanced Workplace Safety

SpaceGuard's Rack Storage systems significantly reduce the risk of falling objects, ensuring the safety of both employees and valuable inventory. A safer workplace promotes a more secure and productive environment.


Cost Savings

Preventing accidents and minimizing product damage translate into substantial cost savings over time. Fewer workplace accidents mean reduced expenses associated with injuries and property damage.


Customizable Solutions

Our Rack Storage systems are designed with flexibility in mind. The adjustable bracket design allows for customization to meet your unique storage needs, ensuring that your products are stored securely and efficiently.


NFPA Compliance

Maintaining NFPA compliance is essential for workplace safety. Our Rack Storage solutions not only enhance safety but also help your company meet NFPA standards, potentially avoiding costly fines and penalties.

Rack Storage Product Range

Rack Storage Case Studies

Explore real-world applications of SpaceGuard’s Rack Storage solutions across diverse industries. Our case studies highlight the tangible benefits our systems bring, showcasing improved safety, reduced accidents, and optimized storage efficiency.

Rack Storage Blogs

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in workplace safety and storage solutions through our informative blog articles. Discover valuable insights into how SpaceGuard’s Rack Storage systems can enhance safety and streamline storage operations within your facility.

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