Why Join Us?

At SpaceGuard Products, we embrace the powerful words of Marcus Lemonis: “People, process, and products.” Our dedicated team is our greatest asset, and we prioritize having the right people in the right roles. We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service and building personal connections. Our commitment to superior quality products, continuous innovation, and streamlined processes sets us apart in the industry. We are dedicated to evolving and improving in the areas of people, products, and processes, fostering a rewarding and innovative work environment. Join us to be part of a company that values its employees and delivers top-notch solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Located in Seymour, Indiana, we are a small yet rapidly growing family-owned business. Our foundation is built upon an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to exceptional service, and building sustainable solutions to increase value for all. We strive to be a trusted and reliable resource for our customers, dealers, vendors, and team members.

At SpaceGuard Products, we firmly believe that our team members are our most valuable asset. Despite our small size, we foster a strong sense of unity and family. We prioritize cultivating a work environment that is both enjoyable and energizing, while also encouraging a healthy work-life balance. We are dedicated to providing competitive compensation packages, including bonuses, health insurance, a company-sponsored 401k, and engaging company-wide family activities.

Interested in joining our team?

Are you a self-starter, creative thinker, and extremely ambitious? Then join a well-respected, thriving company that values teamwork, collaboration, and innovation—SpaceGuard Products!

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Core Values

Grit Matters

Perseverance and passion drive our success. We are our strongest when we each work with tenacity. We will:

  • Arrive every day, on time, with a purpose, and ready to compete
  • Bring enthusiasm and optimism to everything we do
  • Outpace our goals and seek additional challenges
  • Work together to overcome obstacles and lift others up when they’re down
  • Give back to our community until it hurts, and then give more

Integrity Matters More

Above all else, we will deliver solutions and services with ethical integrity and accountability. We will:

  • Contribute to a safe, secure, and inclusive work environment
  • Treat coworkers, vendors, and customers with dignity, respect, honesty, and humanity
  • Offer constructive approaches to resolve conflicts
  • Communicate clear expectations and concise deliverables
  • Deliver on our promises; own up to, and correct our mistakes

Always First in Class

Provide unrivaled, first in class products and services. We will:

  • Pay attention to the details, learn from past mistakes, and work without continuous correction
  • Provide superior quality through training, standardization, and workplace organization
  • Contribute to cost control through process improvement, inventory control, equipment preservation, and waste reduction
  • Continuously innovate our processes, products, and services
  • Deliver comprehensive, effective solutions to market on-time, every time

Grow or Go

We will only succeed by growing market share and profitability; and, as the company grows, so must our offerings, processes, and employees. We will:

  • Grow the right way, meaning never at the risk of our core values
  • Grow both personally and professionally; learn with passion and purpose
  • Accept that the expectations of our managers, peers, and customers are continuously evolving
  • Respectfully challenge our vendors and customers to grow with us
  • Reinvest not only in technology and equipment, but the continued development of our human resources
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