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With a storied legacy spanning many years, the FordLogan brand stands as a leader in the woven wire mesh partition industry. Renowned for its exceptional quality and durability, FordLogan offers reliable wire partition solutions that have become synonymous with excellence. Featuring the exclusive UNI-MESH™ design, the woven wire partitions boast a true 1½” diamond opening across the entire panel.

In addition to serving as wire partition solutions, FordLogan Woven Wire Mesh products find application in window guards and railing infill panels for a wide range of businesses. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a track record of proven performance, FordLogan is a trusted name in the industry, delivering top-notch wire partitioning solutions that prioritize safety, security, and functionality.

FordLogan Driver Cage -Gray - SpaceGuard Products

FordLogan Applications

FordLogan Woven Wire Mesh offers a wide range of applications, providing enhanced security, organization, and protection in various settings. With its robust construction and reliable performance, FordLogan Woven Wire Mesh ensures the safety and integrity of valuable assets.

FordLogan Products

FordLogan Gray INDOT Equipment Cage with Double Slide Door

fordlogan Partitions

Versatile and secure wire mesh partitions for customizable space division.

Infill Panels

High-quality wire mesh infill panels for enhanced safety and visibility.

FordLogan Machine Guarding Gray

fordlogan Machine Guarding

Guarding systems designed to protect machinery and personnel in industrial environments.

FordLogan Gray Lockers

fordlogan Lockers

Reliable and durable wire mesh lockers for secure storage solutions.

FordLogan Case Studies

Explore our collection of impactful case studies showcasing the proven effectiveness of FordLogan in various applications.

FordLogan Powder Coated Grey

A Simple Solution—FordLogan!

THE SITUATION A nationally recognized hospital in Chicago saved outdated patient information in their “storage area”—also referred to as their basement. With multiple doors leading

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Discover insightful and informative blogs covering a range of topics related to FordLogan, providing valuable insights and expert advice for maximizing its benefits.

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