Need A Supply Cage For Masks and Hand Sanitizer?


A local school in Seymour, IN, not too far from the SpaceGuard factory, needed help securing janitorial supplies. They wanted to keep everything in one area and, of course, away from the children.

One of our experienced customer service representatives listened to their concerns and determined that a FordLogan 3-sided 10-gauge cage would best fit their needs. It was designed to attach to an existing wall and included a 3’x7′ hinged door with a transom and locked using our standard keyed cylinder.


Additionally, the SpaceGuard Products Engineering team provided construction drawings (plan and elevation views) that gave our customer a detailed layout of the entire project, showing specific locations of posts, panels, and doors. These drawings included any special detailed instructions that were required for the installer to place or attach materials and hardware correctly.


When cages like this are needed, they are available for delivery within days upon receiving approved construction drawings because of using standard product sizes.

SpaceGuard offers a Quick-Ship program on cages, such as this one, lockers, and various other products. After signed approval drawings, most standard products ship within 3-5 days. Also, standard colors include Beast Black and SpaceGuard Grey.


As a result, Seymour Community Schools were so impressed with their janitorial cage that they made plans to buy more the following school year.

Do you need help securing masks, hand sanitizer, and other Covid-related materials? Contact us today to discuss your next janitorial supply cage.

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