Tenant Storage

Application Overview

SpaceGuard Products offers innovative Tenant Storage Solutions tailored for multi-family residential settings, including apartments and condominiums. In these environments where space is at a premium, our versatile partitions and lockers provide secure, organized storage options for tenants and property managers. Transform underutilized spaces into revenue-generating storage areas while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of residents.

Tenant Storage Features

Single and Double-Tiered Lockers

Our single-tiered lockers are designed to accommodate a variety of items such as sporting equipment, bicycles, and seasonal decorations, offering tenants convenient storage options. When space is limited, our double-tiered lockers provide efficient storage for multiple tenants.

Spacious Wire Mesh Cages

Ideal for safeguarding larger items, including golf carts, lawn equipment, and more, within residential parking spaces. These flexible cages are also well-suited for shared storage spaces like access-controlled bike rooms.

Architectural Applications

Our wire mesh and expanded metal infill panels offer an aesthetically pleasing yet cost-effective solution for various architectural needs, especially in settings like parking garages.

Tenant Storage Benefits


Optimized Space Utilization

SpaceGuard's Tenant Storage Solutions maximize available storage space, making efficient use of limited residential areas. Property managers can generate additional rental revenue by offering secure storage options.



Tailored for both residential and homeowner use, our partitions and lockers secure a wide range of items, from tools and sporting equipment to vehicles like ATVs, boats, and motorcycles.



All our Tenant Storage Solutions can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your unique application.

Tenant Storage Product Range

Tenant Storage Case Studies

Explore real-world examples of how SpaceGuard Products has partnered with property managers and homeowners to create efficient and secure tenant storage solutions, enhancing property value and tenant satisfaction.

Germania Building

Germania Locker Project

A CLEAR CASE OF OVER-PROMISING AND UNDER-PERFORMING OVERVIEW In downtown Milwaukee, an old 1896 office building nestled along the Milwaukee River that once housed the

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Tenant Storage Blogs

Stay informed about the latest trends, insights, and best practices in tenant storage through our informative blog articles. Our expertise covers a range of topics, from storage solutions to maximizing rental revenue.

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