Germania Locker Project



In downtown Milwaukee, an old 1896 office building nestled along the Milwaukee River that once housed the Germania Publishing Company, was in the process of being converted into a new millennial style apartment complex providing mid-level cost. Since the building was part of the Wisconsin Historical Society, the new property owners designed the apartment complex around all the remaining original architecture keeping its Old-World charm.

With 90 units and two businesses on the premise, part of the renovation included bike and single-tier storage lockers to meet the active lifestyles of Millennials. These lockers located on the first floor and in the basement gave their tenants storage options for seasonal items along with sports equipment such as hiking and camping gear, water & snow skis, sailing gear, and golf clubs.

A local dealer secured the order with another wire mesh manufacturer, who promised to deliver the necessary lockers in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the manufacturer ended up not being able to fulfill the order —a clear case of over-promising and under-performing.


The dealer immediately called SpaceGuard with a specific budget and need for quick delivery. SpaceGuard worked out the pricing and was there to fulfill the entire order with stock material in a short window of time, beating the lead-time of the original locker manufacturer. To address the general contractor’s product installation needs, material staging restrictions, and other construction closeout issues, the BeastWire shipment was processed into two separate orders—the second shipment followed 10-days after the first.

SpaceGuard processed 90 standard—8’high single tier lockers that were 3’wide and 5’deep. The 8’ in height was perfect for this client because their facility storage rooms had 9’ceilings. This height provided the tenants’ maximum storage and security while respecting their fire sprinkler accessibility needs.

The dealer delivered the lockers on time, allowing the general contractor to maintain the project’s close-out schedule.


When we asked the dealer about their client’s experience with the BeastWire Storage Lockers, they stated that the property manager and renters were thrilled with the sturdy locker design and easy open/close doors. Property management also loved that the lockers came with a reliable 10-year structural warranty—the best in the business.


The Germania Locker project could’ve been a professional disaster for the dealer, but because they called SpaceGuard Products, we were able to help them with our BeastWire Mesh product line. How?

BeastWire Quick Ship Program—Standard stock panels typically ships within a few days.

SpaceGuard Products customer service listened to our dealer’s needs & processed the order in two shipments allowing the GC to meet crucial close-out deadlines.

BeastWire offers a 10-year structural warranty offering extra security & a high level of quality for our dealers & their customers.

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