Mezzanine Railing

Safer Elevated Platforms

When space is limited in your warehouse but you require additional storage, office space, or work areas, a mezzanine (elevated work platform) can be a cost-effective solution by utilizing the existing overhead space, as long as proper guarding is in place.

While traditional handrail systems meeting ANSI MH 28.3 can secure the exposed edge of a mezzanine, they may not prevent items from protruding through the handrail opening. That’s where BeastWire Mezzanine Railing comes in, effectively preventing projectiles and falling objects from exiting the elevated work platform at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area, and stairwell.

BeastWire offers a complete handrail system with wire mesh infill panels and an optional kickplate, using standard BeastWire components. Our wire mesh panels provide reliable protection, ensuring that no projectiles or objects escape from the elevated work platform, catwalk, stairwell, or pallet drop area.

BeastWire - Mezzanine Railing

Mezzanine Railing Features

Discover the exceptional features of BeastWire, delivering superior protection and reliability for your mezzanines and elevated work platforms.


Our handrail system boasts fully framed panels and 2” tube posts and top rails, ensuring exceptional rigidity. It features the heaviest gauge of wire mesh available on the market, guaranteeing robust and long-lasting performance.

Kick Plates

Prevent small items from rolling or falling off the mezzanine’s edge with 4” kick plates.

Superior Protection

Featuring 10- or 6-gauge 2” square wire mesh, it effectively prevents objects from falling through the handrail system.

Mezzanine Railing Benefits

Explore the outstanding features of BeastWire Mezzanine Railing, providing robust protection and unrivaled reliability for your elevated work platforms.

ANSI MH 28.3 Compliant

Meets the stringent requirements of ANSI MH 28.3, surpassing traditional handrails in providing superior protection.


Installable both above and below mezzanines, ensuring complete full-height coverage.

Easy Installation

Integrated system eliminates the need for welding, making the system quick and cost-effective to install.


Backed by an unrivaled 10-year warranty, you can trust in the reliability and longevity of BeastWire™.

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BeastWire Mesh Mezzanine Brochure

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Mezzanine CSI3 Architectural Specifications

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BeastWire Mesh Mezzanine Installation Guide

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