SpaceGuard Products Solutions: From the Front Door to the Back Door of Your Facility!

Today’s business environment is moving faster than ever. Operational safety and security requirements are constantly evolving and are challenging to sustain. With SpaceGuard Products, you will find our solutions installed from the front door to the back door of your entire facility.

8 Possible Locations to find SpaceGuard’s Products in Your Facility—

  1. Window and door infill panels provide added protection from break-ins.
  2. Portable storage lockers to secure high-valuable parts
  3. Tool Cribs offering security against theft and saving money by controlling inventory.
  4. Rack Safety Panels fixed to the pallet rack storage systems to keep material secured in the rack.
  5. BeastWire® Mezzanine Handrail and infill panels protect mezzanines or elevated work platforms.
  6. Wire mesh panels that secure airflow louvers along the side of your facility walls or ceiling skylights.
  7. Our newest product line RageWire® creates a barrier to keep people and moving equipment out of the machine and robotic work zones in compliance with ANSI B11.19.
  8. Driver Cages protect the entrances and exits from unwanted visitors.

Infill Panels for Windows and Doors

BeastWire® or FordLogan Infill panels can secure all the windows and doors to your factory or warehouse. Like infill panels for the louvers, they provide added protection from intruders gaining access to your facility and making it a less likely target for break-ins.

Portable Storage Lockers

Portable storage lockers are found in the front of facilities that offer retail customer options, such as Verizon stores. These lockers secure high-valuable products like cell phones, iPods, or laptops and provide easy portability with caster wheels to relocate as needed quickly. Also, many manufacturing facilities use these lockers for mobile parts storage on production lines.

Tool Cribs and Wire Mesh Inventory Cages

Tool Cribs and wire mesh inventory cages provide maintenance personnel with a designated secure location to store and organize tools and parts. They protect against theft and help save money by controlling inventory.

BeastWire® Mesh and Ford Logan panels offer easy visibility allowing personnel to see inside and outside the cage. Also, we stock slide-up service windows built into the caging systems and are available for immediate shipping.

BeastWire® Mesh Rack Safety Panels

When it comes to preventing objects from falling into workstations, picking areas, and pedestrian aisleways, BeastWire® Mesh Rack Safety Panels are a perfect solution for your rack uprights. The strength of these panels meets and exceeds the ANSI MH30.1 Steel Mesh Containment Panel standard impact testing protocol. These safety panels ensure that the rack flue spaces are free of debris which NPFA 13 requires for fire suppression compliancy.

Our rack safety panel and bit-part swing doors provide added security for your products and inventory stored in a rack. Adding wire mesh panels to selected areas on your rack gives protection not only from damage and theft but also provides controlled access to your high-cost items, hazardous materials, and quarantine items.

Infill Panels for Mezzanines

Mezzanines, or catwalks, provide additional storage and workspace above your warehouse floors. Traditional handrail systems that meet ANSI MH 28.3 are designed with large openings between the mid-rails. These handrail openings do not prevent boxes or other items from falling off the edge.

But how do you protect people, equipment, and products from items falling through the traditional open handrail? BeastWire® mezzanine wire mesh handrail and infill panels prevent projectiles and other falling objects from exiting your elevated work platform at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area, and stairwell.

Infill Panels for Louvers

Another application for BeastWire® or FordLogan Infill panels is to secure the vented fixed louvers along the factory or warehouse walls and skylights. These infill panels protect from trespassers gaining entry to your facility through these openings—making your facility a more difficult target for trespassers.

RageWire® Robotic Guarding

Our newest product line is found around commercial/industrial robots and factory machinery. RageWire® Robotic Guarding consists primarily of five key components. Its simple, intuitive design protects your employees by keeping them out of automated work areas preventing injury while complying with the ANSI B11.19-2010 Standard (previously R15.06-1999).

Our goal is to make buying and installing robotic guarding simple—plant a post, then hang a panel. We made it as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

Driver Cages

SpaceGuard Driver Cages guard all entrances protecting your employees by restricting people from entering your building. Unfortunately, after recent events like the incident at FEDEX in Indianapolis, providing protective guarding at your entrances has become a necessity for most employers. Adding driver cages to your entries can also contain drivers with potential illnesses, limiting the risk of exposure to your employees.


Whether it’s a BeastWire®, FordLogan, or RageWire® product application, you can count on guaranteed protection for your facilities, employees, and inventory.

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