Centurion™ Mid Guard

Repairing damaged uprights has never been easier. ​

Unlock the potential of rack repair with the Patent Pending Centurion™ Mid Guard, your ultimate solution for strengthening your rack system, slashing downtime, and curbing expenses.

Centurion™ is designed to repair damage caused by forklifts, trucks, outriggers, and more, with a heavy-duty build that ensures lasting protection and compliance with industry standards. Choose from teardrop and structural hole patterns and enjoy the flexibility of adjustable braces. Plus, our solid tube frame can be easily customized to your preferred height (up to 48″) and fits 3″, 4″ and 5″ uprights.

Discover the power of repair over replacement with Centurion™ – your swift solution, in stock and ready for quick shipment. Opting to repair damaged uprights offers a multitude of advantages, including significantly less downtime, the elimination of the need for mobile lift equipment, and cost and lead time savings of over 60%.

Centurion™ Mid Guard Features

Explore the exceptional features and functionalities of Centurion™ Mid Guard, engineered to provide effective and efficient solutions for repairing and reinforcing damaged pallet racking systems.

Bolt-On Cuff

Allows for precise adjustments and easy adaptation to hole patterns.

Solid Tube Frame

Provides unmatched strength and durability for rack repairs.

Base Plate

Choose between in-line and seismic options depending on your facility’s needs.

Cuff Plate

Ensures a secure fit and optimal support for repairs.

Telescoping Adjustable Brace

Achieve depth-wise adjustments and versatile bracing options.

Horizontal and Diagonal Bracing

Customize the angle and depth for optimal reinforcement.

Saddle Brace

Pivot for dynamic angles, ensuring stability while accommodating both horizontal and diagonal members for robust reinforcement.

Centurion™ Mid Guard Benefits

Discover the numerous advantages and benefits of Centurion™ Mid Guard, designed to enhance the structural integrity, longevity, and safety of your pallet racking system.

Extend the Life of Your Pallet Rack Uprights

Engineered to repair damaged pallet rack uprights, saving you the cost of replacement while fortifying against future impacts, enhancing overall resilience.

Customizable Height

The solid tube frame is easily adjustable in the field to match your preferred repair height and seamlessly finished with our convenient drop-in top cap for a smooth installation.

Adjustable Beam Reconnection

Centurion™ is the industry's sole solution crafted for secure beam reconnection, offering adjustability without the need for drilling or modification (for both teardrop and structural rack systems).

Innovative Compatibility

The Centurion™ Cuff revolutionizes compatibility by eliminating the necessity for in-field reaming, ensuring compatibility with 99% of uprights.

Effortless Bracing Connection

The inventive beam dodger plates simplify the bracing connection process, eliminating the requirement to shift beam positions.

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