AisleGuard Industrial Guardrail, Bollards & Rack Guards

Effective Separation & Protection

SpaceGuard’s AisleGuard safety products go beyond a single solution to proactively prevent accidents in your facility, providing comprehensive protection for your staff, equipment, and materials against forklifts, carts, AGVs, and stackers. AisleGuard Industrial Guardrail creates a continuous protective barrier, while bollards or rack guards ensure safe truck backing at loading docks. Inside the warehouse, they safeguard structural support and offer additional reinforcement for non-main building structures like wire mesh cages and tool cribs.

These versatile solutions, including guardrails, bollards, and rack guards, maintain worker safety, prevent falls, and protect machinery, structures, and utilities from vehicle damage, ensuring peace of mind. Trust AisleGuard to provide utmost protection and peace of mind.

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AisleGuard Features

Elevate your facility’s safety standards with SpaceGuard’s AisleGuard Industrial Guardrail, Bollards, and Rack Guards. These comprehensive safety solutions create a protective shield against potential accidents involving forklifts, carts, AGVs, and stackers, ensuring the well-being of your staff, the integrity of your equipment, and the protection of valuable materials.

Simple Bolt-Through or Drop-in Design

Choose between an easy-to-install bolt-through or drop-in rail design for versatile installation.

Multiple Configurations

Available in Single-, Double-, and Triple-Rail configurations to meet your unique requirements.

Highly Visible

Finished in OSHA powder-coated yellow for maximum visibility, ensuring your forklift drivers can’t miss it.

AisleGuard Benefits

Discover how AisleGuard products provide a range of benefits to enhance safety and protect your facility.


Tested to withstand impacts of over 10,000 lbs at 4 mph, these structural channel rails are more durable than corrugated highway rails.

Easy Installation

Shipped with all necessary hardware, AisleGuard products assemble quickly, saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive Protection

AisleGuard products provide protection for structural platforms, in-plant offices, conveyors, water mains, valuable equipment, and personnel, ensuring the safety of both your assets and staff.

Resources & Downloads

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AisleGuard Safety Products

AisleGuard Case Studies

Discover real-world examples of how AisleGuard has enhanced safety and efficiency in various industries through our insightful case studies, showcasing the effectiveness and impact of our aisle protection solutions.

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Stay informed and gain valuable insights with our collection of blogs on AisleGuard, covering topics related to aisle safety, accident prevention, and optimizing warehouse operations.

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