BeastWire® Window Guards Bolster Cannabis Store Security

The Challenge

A cannabis store was grappling with repeated break-ins at night and daytime window vandalism. These incidents resulted in substantial repair costs, product loss, and increased insurance premiums. The store sought a security solution that would deter criminals around the clock while maintaining natural light penetration throughout the day. Traditional sliding shutters, while offering nighttime protection, blocked natural light during the day, making them unsuitable.

The Solution

Pacific Business Systems, a trusted dealer for SpaceGuard Products, recommended BeastWire® mesh window guards. These heavy-duty window guards boast:

  • 6 gauge, 2-inch welded wire mesh: This robust mesh offers exceptional strength and discourages break-in attempts.
  • Heavy-duty angle frame panels: The panels provide additional structural support and a clean aesthetic, enhancing the store’s visual appeal.
  • Hinged and bolted design: Panels are hinged on one side for easy access to windows for cleaning and maintenance. A special tab with a bolt attachment on the other side requires tools for removal, maximizing security.
  • 24/7 window protection: BeastWire® guards provide continuous security without sacrificing natural light, a critical factor for the cannabis store.

Client Testimonial

“BeastWire® offered the perfect solution for the cannabis store,” remarked Jeff Valentine, a representative from Pacific Business Systems. “They needed a security measure that wouldn’t compromise the inviting atmosphere created by natural light. The BeastWire® system provided the ideal balance of security and aesthetics.”

The Results

Since installing BeastWire® window guards, the cannabis store has witnessed significant improvements:

  • Stopped nighttime break-ins: The secure design has deterred criminals and prevented further break-in attempts.
  • Eliminated window vandalism: The sturdy mesh panels have discouraged vandals, protecting the store’s windows.
  • Improved insurance rating: The enhanced security measures have helped the store lower their insurance premiums.
  • Reduced repair costs: By preventing break-ins and vandalism, the store has saved money on window and property repairs.

Overall, BeastWire® provided a comprehensive security solution that addressed the cannabis store’s concerns. The window guards have secured the building, protected inventory and staff, and provided peace of mind for the owner and employees.

Project Details

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