With the price of real estate on the rise, it’s essential to use every inch of your business’s already acquired space. Whether you have a retail store, storage room, warehouse, factory, or distribution center the utilization of both vertical and horizontal space is vital.

Once your horizontal space is entirely in use, many businesses begin to build up. Building up can involve the installation of mezzanines and industrial work platforms which are perfect ways to make use of your open airspace.

With new and existing mezzanines and work platforms come necessary safety measures to protect your employees. Most mezzanines use a standard open handrail design with a mid-rail and kick-plate to make sure people don’t fall off the edge of the platform.

But what many businesses don’t think about is the risk of small and medium size items falling through the large handrail opening-leading to significant safety issues for those working below. Nobody wants to be hit in the head with a random box or heavy item while in the middle of their shift.

If you’d like to take safety measures to the next level, we have the perfect solution for you.

For instance—

  • When ordering a new mezzanine or industrial work platform, request to have SpaceGuard RailGuard handrail system designed into your system.
  • Also, if you have an existing platform, attach SpaceGuard mesh panels to the handrails or replace it entirely with a new RailGuard system!

Introducing SpaceGuard’s BeastWire RailGuard

Not only does the BeastWire RailGuard provide the necessary handrail requirements, but it also adds an improved safety measure with its wire mesh panel design. This system prevents objects from falling through the open handrail spaces, where traditional handrails fail.

No matter the kind of flooring you may have, the BeastWire RailGuard can be installed into most flooring options-including metal grated, checkered plated resin deck, plywood, and even concrete flooring.

Looking for additional safety precautionary measures?

We can customize your RailGuard package to include additional mesh options to provide another level of protection.

In Conclusion

Secure, Guard & Protect your industrial work platform with SpaceGuards RailGuard!

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