Aged to Perfection with BeastWire


Like most aging buildings in Chicago, the outdated apartments on N. Linder Ave required some attention. Derrick Wlodarz, the owner, knew to remain competitive in the market and maintain happy renters; the apartments needed a facelift.

Wlodarz decided to modernize the apartments with marble countertops, upgraded appliances, and contemporary hardwood flooring. In addition to the new upgrades, he renovated the basement space in both buildings offering 24 new tenant storage units. The monthly rent includes these new units—an added benefit setting him apart from the competition.


With so many wire mesh companies to choose from, Wlodarz eventually narrowed it down to two. The first one, he met at a local tradeshow but wasn’t too impressed with their level of customer service.

They refused to make a site visit before giving a quote stating the project wasn’t big enough to warrant one. Derrick found this approach disturbing and insulting. He knew issues with the overhead utilities and duck work could pose a problem if not worked into the quote from the onset.

Then Derrick found SpaceGuard Products online. After his initial call to customer service, Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development, reached out to him immediately. Ray scheduled a site visit for the following week.
During the visit, Ray found a few homemade wooden lockers used for tenant storage. Enclosed wooden storage units increase the potential for fire hazards because its an added fuel source. The solid-wall design impedes quick fire suppression and makes it harder to extinguish. Also, wooden lockers prevent adequate visibility of the contents inside.

For these reasons, Chicago fire inspectors discourage the use of wooden tenant lockers.


After the initial consultation and thoroughly listening to Wlodarz goals, the SpaceGuard team created a comprehensive quote that included complete engineered drawings. The plan incorporated the overhead obstructions while maximizing floor space to provide for various size storage units which the owner required.

The floor plan included 12 BeastWire lockers in each building plus four additional units used for extra rental income. The locker sizes corresponded with the size of the apartments. The larger the apartment, the bigger the locker size.

The planning team made another site visit to present the locker proposal to the customer and the contractor. They confirmed that the units would adequately fit in the space available and made any final changes before production. This step is crucial to keep everyone on the same page and establish appropriate expectations during the planning process.

The team also worked with the contractor to determine the most productive and practical solution for installation. In the end, the contractor hired a certified SpaceGuard installer to assemble the BeastWire lockers saving time and money.

With product knowledge and effective communication regarding the problematic areas, the installers completed the project in three days and ahead of schedule.


SpaceGuard Products’ customer service and attention to detail made the process simple. “They were interested in working with me to solve my issues while providing clear and consistent communication from start to finish,” stated Wlodarz. “SpaceGuard Products has good people, products, and excellent customer service!”

Pleased with the reliable quality of the BeastWire Locker, Derrick Wlodarz and his tenants have a renewed confidence that their valuables now remain safe and secure.

“SpaceGuard’s customer service responded the same day I submitted my online request. I received an email letting me know a representative would contact me within 24 hours. SpaceGuard’s overall response was timely and quick.” —Derrick Wlodarz, Managing Member at Liberty Properties LLC

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