3 Reasons to Choose BeastWire Over Chicken Wire


Why use chicken wire for tenant storage lockers when BeastWire Mesh Tenant Storage Lockers provides a more durable and secure option?

BeastWire cages and lockers offer excellent storage opportunities for multi-family residential settings where space is limited. But not only that, it keeps valuables secure, whereas chicken wire is a security hazard.



BeastWire cages come fully welded and constructed in our standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire. We don’t bypass the fine line between gauges, maximizing our product’s strength and stability.

Chicken wire lockers are easy to break into because most of the time, it’s held together by wire ties. Not our idea of security.

BeastWire welded wire lockers also allow for proper airflow, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems.

Some tenant lockers are made from corrugated cardboard and are highly flammable—Fire Marshall’s don’t particularly like these lockers.


BeastWire Mesh Lockers stand guard night and day to watch over your tenant’s kayaks, Christmas decorations, camping gear, bikes, old toys still cherished, golf bags, musical instruments, old pictures, and memorabilia. Would you trust this valuable treasure to just anyone? Or, would you want the best for your tenants?

Let your residents sleep better, knowing that BeastWire is on duty safeguarding their precious nuggets. Remember—You are their hero!


How about protecting your bottom line? Using BeastWire lockers can turn unused basement space into secured storage for your tenants. BeastWire double-tiered lockers are an excellent option when cubic space is at a premium. For property managers, this can create a new stream of rental revenue.

Plus, we offer large wire mesh cages to store golf carts and lawn equipment in apartments or condos parking spaces. These large cages can also create shared spaces for access-controlled bike rooms.

All these ideas and more can save you money plus provide an additional revenue stream or value for increased monthly rental rates.

Chicken wire cannot compare!


Once again, —why choose chicken wire when you can have BeastWire Mesh Tenant Storage Lockers? There’s no comparison.

Secure. Guard. Protect. Your People. Places. and Products. with BeastWire Mesh Guarding!

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