Pallet Rack Doors vs. Pallet Rack Netting


One US automotive company learned the hard way a cheaper alternative to safety isn’t always the best solution. They thought by installing a mesh netting solution along the pallet rack uprights, they had made a safe decision for their employees and their products. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for this company.


It was a normal workday and the employee was just doing what he always does—added a pallet to a warehouse rack. But, on this day he mistakenly pushed the pallet too far and it tipped off the rear beam.
The security netting did hold the pallet for a short time, but with the weight of the pallet and the force put on the mesh netting it stretched too far. The pallet landed on the desk behind the row of pallet rack uprights. Thankfully, no one was sitting at the desk at the time. But the accident could’ve been very costly.


The automotive company immediately reached out to Eastern Lift Truck, a SpaceGuard Products dealer, to address the crisis at hand and work to get the area opened back up quickly. Time was money!

Due to their variety of pallet rack heights and products, Eastern Lift Truck decided on BeastWire Warehouse Rack Safety Panels as a solution to prevent an incident like this from happening in the future.

BeastWire mesh panels are constructed of 10-gauge or heavier-duty 6-gauge wire welded in a 2” square mesh pattern and welded securely into a 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick full angle frame—providing the ultimate strength and durability. They attach to the existing pallet rack uprights with either the patent-pending Grrripper Bracket or the innovative L-shaped or Sleeve brackets.

The BeastWire Grrripper Bracket (patent-pending) is the world’s first and only drop-in bracket. The pin drops into a tear-drop rack upright and it won’t disengage upon impact when it’s installed correctly. The Grrripper Bracket makes installation easy saving on time and money.

BeastWire Warehouse Rack Safety Guarding Panels are preferred over most nylon mesh netting. The wire mesh panels provide a definite stop to keep pallet loads or stray boxes from falling into pedestrian aisleways, like what happened to this customer.

Unlike plastic netting or nylon mesh netting—which are flexible by nature, BeastWire’s welded wire mesh design, won’t allow sharp objects to damage or cut through the wire providing a more secure guarding option.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Pallet Rack Safety Panels. Because the wire mesh panels were easy to install, Eastern Lift Truck got the area operational in a timely manner. And, the employees felt safer knowing BeastWire was there to protect them.

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Steel Mesh Containment Panels: Performance and Testing (American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard MH31.1)

Steel Mesh Containment Panels Used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage System Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements was developed by MHI, along with the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (“ProGMA”) and is intended to provide useful information and guidance for owners, users, designers, purchasers, or specifiers of material handling equipment or systems

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