Driver Cage: The Smartest Way to Secure Your Warehouse


Recently the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency has had an increased number of reports of accidents and theft from warehouses under our jurisdiction due to the entrance of unauthorized personnel through unsecured facility entrances.

These incidents of concern have been preceded by guests wandering around the warehouse unaccompanied by staff, unsecured inventory stored near the perimeters, and doors being accidentally left unlocked overnight.


In order to curb this disturbing trend, the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency recommends the immediate installation of welded wire mesh cages inside of warehouse entrances. In particular warehouses with high traffic from drivers, delivery personnel, visitors, and other non-employees.

These wire mesh panel enclosures with security doors (a.k.a. “driver cage”) will help facilities prevent outsiders from entering the interior warehouse without authorization. These driver’s cages limit the opportunity for adverse events to occur.

Likewise, access cages at external doors enable staff to interact with visitors through service windows. Also, they allow for controlled entry via coded locks or remote control access.

In addition to providing added security for inventory, driver cage deters forklift and machinery accidents on the floor. Plus, they help protect the health and safety of everyone by enabling socially distant interaction.

Welded wire fencing is an adaptable, safe, and cost-effective security option for distribution centers, factory floors, shipping and receiving docks, and manufacturers.

The size and configuration of the driver cage can be modified as floor plans and needs change. These universal configurations enable the cages to grow with the company rather than being outgrown by it.

By including push bars on the security doors inside the facility, employees can utilize an easy, safe exit in the event of an emergency. And, because the wire mesh allows visibility and ventilation, it does not require changing of HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems to install.

Driver cage is typically constructed with three sides that connect to a wall or door and can be configured for any size space. Various connection, door, lock, and mesh options are available to customize access for individual facility needs.


Facilities who want to limit their liability for accidents and avert the theft of equipment, inventory, and sensitive information should consult with the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency as soon as possible. We are available to discuss how welded wire mesh protection can enhance your physical security plans.

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