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Woven Wire: A Flexible Advantage

The Challenge

An International leader in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) was evaluating different protective guarding technologies to include a large custom designed system.  The solution not only needs to meet OSHA machine guarding specifications that properly prevent personnel from coming in contact with the automated equipment, but it also needed to provide a safety barrier should an item fall or slip from the machines. With a variety of mesh infills and framing members to choose from among these technologies, the solution would need to absorb the kinetic energy of any falling items.

One final consideration for this particular system was that space in the facility was limited. Therefore a barrier guarding solution that has minimal growth due to the posts would allow them to work within the contained space while still maximizing the number of standard components used to keep price and lead times down. In fact, they needed a guarding system that would be ready as soon as possible.

The Solution

The customer chose FordLogan woven wire partitions, a proven industry standard manufactured by SpaceGuard Products, an active member of the Woven Wire Products Association (  FordLogan utilizes a 10-ga diamond woven wire mesh that meets all code requirements by not allowing a 2-inch diameter ball to pass through the mesh with 50-lb of lateral force applied.  The woven wire is stronger than welded mesh options due to its shape and the triple intermediate crimp between wire intersections.  The design also makes the mesh more flexible to better withstand and absorb side impact.

Being that both time and space were limited, FordLogan was the perfect solution as its posts have minimal growth to the overall dimensions of the system, unlike many welded wire systems. As a bonus, all of the doors can be reversed in the field (just in case the floor plan turns out to be different than was originally planned). The entire customized cage was designed to use all standard sized doors, panels, and posts. Doing this kept the price low and also allowed us to ship the material in 48 hours!

As Above, So Below: Complete Mezzanine Protection

The Situation
The customer with a two-level mezzanine needed a way to protect their materials and equipment on both levels.  Their biggest concern was timing; they needed a way to lock up the upper level immediately. The enclosure beneath the mezzanine would need to be a custom height in certain areas in order to fit properly within overhead structures.  The last key item was having a hinged door with emergency egress in one area of the mezzanine structure.
The Solution
With standard sized systems stocked and ready for quick shipment, the upper-level enclosure was able to be shipped within 48 hours!  In order to meet proper OSHA safety protocols, a hinged door with a panic bar was equipped at one end of the mezzanine.  For the areas beneath the mezzanine, custom height partitions were supplied in a few different areas while other were able to utilize the standard 10’h material.
With FordLogan woven wire systems being inexpensive, easy to install, and available for quick shipment, the customer was able to protect their products AND their people. Contact SpaceGuard Products today to get your quote on a secured storage cage for your mezzanine.

Keeping Servers Safe

Data centers and colocation facilities have some of the highest security available. They utilize motion-activated cameras, biometric locks, 24-hour security guards, and that’s just to enter the building!  Upon making your way into a server room, you’ll undoubtedly cross additional security measures to prevent any unauthorized access. After passing through all of these safety measures, you’ll face the final frontier for securing all that equipment….wire mesh partitions!

With stringent requirements for air quality, FordLogan woven wire systems are a perfect fit as they do not require field cutting or drilling like some cheap alternatives.  Instead, all parts (doors, panels, posts) simply bolt together in the field through pre-punched holes.

The benefits go beyond the cleanliness. In fact, one of the best reasons for sourcing FordLogan woven wire cages is that they are stocked for quick shipment. That means as you get a contract for floor space, we can get you the materials you need in 48 hours (when painted in the standard gray finish).

Get the RIGHT wire mesh security enclosure for your data center or colocation facility TODAY!

FordLogan in Chicago!


A nationally recognized hospital in Chicago had been storing outdated patient information in their “storage area” also known as their basement. With multiple doors leading downstairs to their storage site, they were in need of a quick way to securely lock up and organize all of the various medical documents.

The debate was on: what type of enclosures would they need? At first glance, they considered going with chain-link fencing. After speaking with a local SpaceGuard Products distributor, however, they quickly realized that chain-link simply wouldn’t make the cut.  As the conversation continued, there were a few key factors shaping the purchasing decision:

  • The cages would need to be easily modified and added onto as they cleared space in their basement.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire

  • Even though the documents were being stored in the basement out of plain sight, the hospital was concerned with the overall look of the fencing. This was a hospital after all, not a farm.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire (resilient powder coat vs. cheap galvanized finish)

  • Due to the severity of the situation, the hospital needed the materials onsite within the week.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire (stock material available in 48 hours or less!)


After coming to the decision to use FordLogan, the local dealer took field measurements and sent his sketches to the exceptional sales team at SpaceGuard. The team put a quote together along with approval drawings within a few short hours. By utilizing standard sizes, the SpaceGuard team and their distributor were able to get the materials produced and shipped in 2 days!

At the job site, the installation team took over getting all of the cages erected on the same day. With the easy modular design and reversible doors, the installers made quick work of the secured enclosures. This was a project designed for FordLogan systems: easy to install, visually appealing, readily available, and inexpensive to fit within any budget. FordLogan…TRUE AMERICAN CRAFTSMANSHIP!

August Coach’s Corner

Tamper Resistant Hardware by Scott Jump

So, you sold a cage to a company requiring extra security due to the requirements of institutions like DEA, Homeland Security, Military, or a Police Department. The requirements ask for “Tamper Proof” hardware at all connections.

What does this mean for you and your installers regarding time and material?

Fortunately, you bought BeastWire!

Read More…


Alex Oak—The SpaceGuard Configurator Man! [Announcement]

Alex Oak joined the SpaceGuard family as an Account Manager in July 2016. His primary role was to provide support to customers and dealers throughout the quoting process. He has recently been given additional responsibilities and the new title of Account Manager / Configurator Specialist.

Alex is a Southern Indiana man—he grew up in Scottsburg but currently lives in Crothersville with his beautiful wife. He also volunteers as a Firefighter for Vernon Twp. Fire District.

“Helping people is my passion, which makes me good at being an Account Manager/Configurator Specialist with SpaceGuard. I love helping people solve issues, whether it be on emergency scenes or day-to-day with SpaceGuard Products,” said Oak.

Soon after he started with SpaceGuard, Alex’s proficiency with computer software became apparent. “I see and learn things differently, and for me, the Configurator was a new and interesting challenge. I found myself learning quickly and teaching my co-workers its capabilities. Due to my quick takeoff with the 3-D configurator, I was asked to become the main point of contact for suggestions throughout the beta testing on ways I thought the system could improve.”

The BeastWire Configurator is a real-time, 3D, online quoting resource, and with Alex’s guidance, the 2nd phase is set to tentatively launch on August 21st, 2017 to select dealers. Dealers will be able to give their customer’s live and accurate quotes in the field or during meetings by using this innovative new software.

We are excited to begin our dealer training program as part of the BeastBuilder launch on August 21st, 2017. Part of Alex’s new role as the Configurator Specialist is to provide required dealer training either through videos or in-person. He is considered our expert on anything Configurator related.

So, if you need a sales quote for a BeastWire cage or you want to get scheduled for training on the BeastWire Configurator, reach out to Alex at He’s waiting to hear from you!


A Recipe for Success: Shea Gardner [Announcement]

Excellent customer service is one of the things we do best, and Shea Gardner exemplifies this company standard. Shea joined the SpaceGuard family in April 2017 as an Account Manager and works directly with customers and dealers to provide customized solutions for their wire mesh needs.

Shea was born and raised in Seymour, IN and graduated from Seymour High School in 2013. Since then she has worked in the sales and customer service industry.

With an extensive background in sales, Shea brings fresh, new ideas to the table. She believes that excellent quality and service makes all the difference, and is always striving to go above-and-beyond to give our customers a good experience with SpaceGuard.

This is one customer’s experience working with Shea—

“SpaceGuard provides excellent products with top notch dealer support—Shea Gardner!” —Chapman, Materials Handling Equipment

Experience the SpaceGuard difference—call or email Shea for a free quote today!

[Announcement] Who’s Who At SpaceGuard—Carri Kaplan!

Carri Kaplan

Carri Kaplan—a devoted wife, mother of three, and a life-long resident of Jackson County—has been with the SpaceGuard family for over 6-years. Her career began on the factory floor as the Assistant Floor Supervisor and later advanced to Leader of the Shipping Department and Powder Line. Eventually, Carri moved into the front office to manage the reception desk where she excelled in customer service and as a result, was promoted to Customer Service/Account Manager.

With her experience in the factory and knowledge of our products, along with her friendly and welcoming demeanor, Carri has become the “go-to” person with many of our dealers and customers.

Here’s what a few had to say—

 “We were shocked…pleasantly…at how fast Carri responded to our RFQ. And not only did she send us a price, she provided a layout and 3D drawing that we were able to pass on to the customer…so they were just as pleasantly surprised as we were.”—Glen Starks, FedSource

 “I want to thank you for following up on this with the freight company and the dispatcher… I know I can always count on you to see to the details.”—Lorraine Dittmer, Superior Support Co.

If you need a quote and someone who will manage your request from beginning to end, email Carri— She’ll take good care of you!

Security & Protection: Check-Out Who’s Using BeastWire [Case Study]

The Challenge
This medical supply company opened its doors 20-years ago in a sparsely populated area in Western, P.A.and as the sole business owner on their street the isolation provided their highest level of security. AAs a result of urban growth and high-density housing construction around their property, it required new safety measures that weren’t necessary in the past. This increased visibility forced the owners to make significant security upgrades which included a new surveillance system, cameras, and controlled access door systems throughout the property. However, since they sell to both B2B and B2C, the main entrance was required to remain unlocked during business hours. So, they needed additional safety measures to protect employees and prevent theft.

Click Link for Complete Case Study

Security & Protection-Check-out Who’s Using BeastWire

BeastWire Drivers Cage

Sweet Success

“We are pleased and excited to announce Scott Jump’s primary role with SpaceGuard Products has grown to now include Manager of R&D and New Product Development.”

Scott Jump joined SpaceGuard in March 2014 as a Customer Service/Account Manager and played an instrumental part in the designing and implementation of our newest product line—BeastWire Mesh Guarding.

In his new role, Scott will streamline the product installation process and be responsible for innovative designs of all our product lines; such as (drumroll please!)—advanced door hardware and styles. Also, he will collaborate with Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development, to assist outside sales with the continual demands of a dynamic marketplace by creating products and solutions that will make selling our brands fun and profitable.

Another task will include the continuous improvement of our lockers to accommodate the ever-changing requirements in the tenant storage industry. Hint—keep an eye out for our newly enhanced locker shelves!

For over 15-years, Scott worked in the Fence Industry as an installer all the way up to the owner of his own fence company. This experience provided him with the unique understanding of the entire process from placing an order to completion of a product. As an installer, he appreciates the difficulties that often occur when assembling a product with little or no instructions. As a result, Scott will offer training videos and conference calls providing step-by-step instructions with an emphasis on specialized orders. And it’s not just for installers, but for the sales staff of our dealers, as well. The goal is to increase the understanding of all our products lines with the intent to help grow everyone’s bottom-line.

Watch out for “Coach’s Corner” every third Thursday’s of the month where Scott will discuss and demonstrate for you the advantages and benefits of using our brand lines. The first “Coach’s Corner” will post on YouTube, on Thursday, July 20th featuring our new patent-pending Grrripper Bracket.

Please help us in congratulating Scott on his new role with SpaceGuard Products. We are happy to have him and are excited to discover—with you—his creative, wacky, and unique designs. But don’t worry—Scott’s will still be available to assist in creating approval drawings when needed.

If you have any issues or ideas that you’d like to discuss with Scott, you can reach him at or by phone at 800.841.0680.

Meet Jennifer Richie

Please help us welcome Jennifer Richie to the SpaceGuard family. Jenn is our new Online Account Manager overseesing all the online leads and Request for Quotes. Her role is to provide excellent customer service by responding quickly to all online requests and then offering customized solutions within 24-48 hours.

Jenn started at SpaceGuard on April 3, 2017. With her organizational skills and witty personality, she has become a favorite among our customers and dealers.

Married with three amazing children, Jenn has called Seymour, Indiana home since 1998. Her strong background in accounting and purchasing gives her an advantage in managing and processing multiple quotes for our diverse clientele.

So, if you need a cage, lockers, or maybe even a pallet rack safety system—email or visit our website at And while you’re at it say hello to Jenn Richie…she’s waiting to hear from you!

Rack Safety Systems to the Rescue

The Situation

One of the world’s five largest biotech companies had to get their finished goods on lockdown in order to maintain proper safety protocols in their facilities.  With miles of pallet rack to secure, they were interested in locking down the face of the pallet rack bays as they faced an open aisle. Preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing their chemicals remains a top priority as avoiding contamination is extremely important in their industry.

The SpaceGuard Solution

Utilizing SpaceGuard’s easy-to-install Rack Safety doors, the customer was able to implement varying door sizes to accommodate their existing pallet rack bays. Even though standard sized doors (6′ or 8′ wide) worked in some areas, other bays required custom sized systems; both undersized as well as oversized.  All doors come equipped with padlock hasps making it very easy to unlock and access materials as needed.  With a 6ga welded wire, SpaceGuard’s Rack Safety systems are the strongest available which ensures that the customer will be able to keep their materials safe and secure for years to come.

To learn more about Rack Safety systems and the all-new bracket design, please visit:


rack safety

Theft Prevention…Go Blue!

The Situation:

A communications company based in Calgary was in need of a way to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to their warehouse along with their high-end equipment and tools. As is the case with many businesses, tools and equipment were changing hands often without a means of tracking and maintaining inventory control. In their warehouse, they were needing a way to prevent delivery personnel, vendors, etc from entering their facility without proper authorization.

The SpaceGuard Solution:

In conjunction with our dedicated dealer, Foothills Systems, we designed custom storage lockers to house their expensive equipment. Likewise, we designed a custom entrance enclosure for their warehouse. The lockers are built with our 10ga woven wire while the cage was designed with a heavier duty 6ga welded wire. Both systems were painted in SpaceGuard’s powder coat ensuring a long-lasting finish. The warehouse access cage was designed with a custom-built service window, so delivery personnel could drop off packages without disturbing those on the warehouse floor. Also included in the enclosure was a panic bar door for emergency egress.

Huge thanks to our Dealer of the Month – Foothills Systems ( for all of their efforts on this project!

Foothills Systems 1 Foothills Systems 2 Foothills Systems 4 Foothills Systems 3

Driver’s Entrance/Access Cages

Driver security enclosures by SpaceGuard are a simple and affordable way of controlling access to your factory floor or warehousing facility. Constructed with either our 10-gauge welded wire in a 2″x2″ square pattern or our 10‐gauge woven wire mesh in a 1-1/2″ diamond pattern, partition walls surround building entrances containing drivers and visitors to a defined area. The enclosure’s open, yet secure design achieves the desired level of controlled access without the need for additional lighting, HVAC or sprinkler systems. Driver Security Enclosures can be configured to any desired size; and may be anchored to building walls or can be free standing. SpaceGuard recommends equipping your driver security enclosure with a panic bar (push bar). Other options include automatic door closers, electronic access control and factory‐installed service windows.

The photo below comes to us from a recent installation provided by REB Storage Systems.

Driver's Access Cage - REB Storage Systems

Inventory Control – Security Cages to the Rescue

Huge thanks to our friends and colleagues at Nation Wide Shelving for sharing pictures of a recent installation that took place out in Utah.

SECURITY CONCERN: Inventory needed to be stored in a secured enclosure.

SPACEGUARD SOLUTION: Welded wire mesh cages provided a rigid and easy-to-install solution.

Comments from our distributor after the installation was over: “This was a security cage installation project for our clients…in Utah, in which they were very pleased with the quality of SpaceGuard Products. The security cages EXCEEDED their expectations (based on previous experience with other company’s products).”

Another great example of a security cage by SpaceGuard that provides a secured solution while making customers happy!

Nation Wide Shelving Cage 1 Nation Wide Shelving Cage 2

Higher Education Meets Higher Security

Project Overview: 

A university in Wisconsin recently reached out to one of our distributors as they were having issues with people gaining access to a building’s roof and chimneys via their exposed fire escape. Once atop the roof, trespassers would drink, litter and leave graffiti. Not only was this frustrating the university security team, but it was also becoming a safety concern as they didn’t want anyone to fall off while climbing to the roof. They needed a simple, yet safe and secure way to prevent people from gaining access from this outdoor walkway.

Project Resolution:

Since the fire escape has multiple landings, the most sound solution was to put a doorway that would block access on the highest walkway. Since the walkway would need a door for emergency egress, we designed a ‘winged doorway’. This door would have adjacent panels on both sides which would prevent anyone from being able to simply slip around the fence wall. Rather than use woven or welded wire, the customer decided to go with expanded metal as it would be almost impossible to climb. The openings of the expanded metal are too small (and sharp!) for anyone to put their fingers through. Product was installed easily and the customer is very happy with their new secured solution which has already proven to be effective.

And remember — when Safety & Security are a concern, SpaceGuard has you covered!

winged doorway winged doorway winged doorway

Pallet Rack Doors — All Stacked Up

The Situation:

An International minor metals manufacturing, refining and trading company (Telex Metals) was in need of a way to safely and securely lock up material on their existing pallet rack. Their goal was to find doors that would fit their 14’H pallet rack so that their customer’s prepaid materials would stay protected until they were ready to ship. Their main concerns were how would they find doors that were large enough to fit their existing system while still be easy enough to install.

The Solution:

Standard height pallet rack doors from SpaceGuard Products come in heights of 7′, 8′, and 10′ high; therefore, a simple resolution was devised. By stacking two sets of standard 7’H bi-parting hinge doors, we could meet the overall height requirement while still allowing for an easy installation. To make these two independent doors act as one single set, the upper and lower portions were bolted together. This created doors that met the full 14′ height requirement while allowing for one single locking point via the padlock hasp on the lower set of doors.

pallet rack doors

TA-50 Gear Storage For A Marine Base

Features / Benefits Provided

  • Open mesh design to allow unrestricted air circulation to prevent mildew on tactical
  • Solid construction, despite open mesh, to properly secure contents and ensure years of reuse
  • Welded padlock hasp and plate to provide secure door closure
  • Simplified design to allow for quick installation due to large number of units installed


The Opportunity

A Marine base in the Western US required individualized storage of TA-50 standard issue combat clothing and tactical gear for a new training barracks.  Staff determined that the wardrobe lockers to be placed at the head and foot of each bunk required greater airflow over perforated/expanded metal lockers used in the past.  Previous designs were employed in effort to save money, but it became apparent that inferior construction required regular replacements. Furthermore, the lack of airflow caused the formation of mildew and mold on training gear.  The new solution needed to have a simple design as nearly 1,000 units had to be installed in a limited construction window.


The Solution

Representatives from the Marines and its contracted representatives contacted Glen Starks with FedSource, a nation-wide supplier of industrial storage products to the Federal government.  FedSource and SpaceGuard regularly provide the military wire mesh readiness lockers on GSA Schedule; however, the quantity and design considerations required the development of a specialized TA-50 locker.

SpaceGuard utilized its 10-gauge triple crimped woven wire mesh which is already deemed a secure solution by government uses ranging from DEA cages for controlled substances to Armed Reserve unit and vault storage.  The strength of the wire combines with the open mesh to allow for easy visibility/accountability within the lockers while allowing easier drying of contents due to unobstructed air flow.  All mesh components were welded into fully framed panels that connected easily to solid tube posts of the same depth.


All units were equipped with bi-parting hinge doors to keep aisles clear. The doors were furnished with a unique welded hasp-through-plate that minimized gaps when closed and padlocked.  Units were further designed to contain an adjustable-placed internal shelf with hanging rod as well as a wire mesh bottom shelf to prevent the collection of moisture.  The component-based construction provided for quick, efficient installation and ease of transport should units need relocated within the facility.

Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton

Pallet Rack Enclosures For A World-Wide Biotech Company

Features / Benefits Provided:

  • Solid construction and quick, efficient installation due to simple design
  • Standard equipment does not require additional components for installation
  • Adjustable installation independent of upright type or hole pattern
  • Consistent construction for congruent design of full enclosures

The Opportunity:

A leading biotech developer of rare disease therapies with world-wide distribution sought to upgrade existing storage enclosures of pallet racking in the Northborough, Massachusetts distribution facility.


The Existing Material:

The existing material was not intended for this type of application as it was adapted from traditional partitioning.  It required the use of posts installed at the front face of the pallet racking uprights.  This

post-mounted application limits the ability to level the individual door panels to ensure proper function of the padlock hasps and also creates a visual issue when installing multiple door sets. For this project, a gap was created between the pallet racking and the doors due to the construction of the pallet rack uprights.  The doors required casters limiting the installation to floor level only.  One door panel was constructed with bracing tabs requiring both door halves be opened should only the “inside” door panel be needed.


The Solution:

Representatives from the end user contacted Mike O’Neill with American Material Handling, a contracted supplier and installer of material handling equipment, to source a secure product to upgrade their existing storage in this area.  American Material Handling has completed material handling projects including safety & secure storage applications for many of the company’s Massachusetts locations.  AMH installed SpaceGuard’s newest secure storage innovation, Pallet Rack Security Doors.  Constructed with the same 1-1/4” angle framing and 6-gauge welded wire mesh as Rack Safety Systems, Pallet Rack Security Doors provide the same strength & integrity while keeping a consistent design of a complete enclosure.  Doors install directly to the pallet rack uprights, allowing for flexible installation independent of upright type or hole pattern.  Since the doors install directly to the uprights, the overall look and function is   Door panels are attached with threaded rod ends and pintle brackets making installation and leveling of doors quick and efficient.  Pintle brackets are available with single or double pivot posts making multiple conjoined enclosure installations simple.  Door panels are equipped with two slotted locations for the threaded rod ends to allow for flexible installation around existing beam levels. A bolt-on padlock hasp is provided at two possible locations or double padlock hasp for additional security.

Genzyme Before Shot