To Galvanize or Not To Galvanize? That is the Question!


In 2015, SpaceGuard Products submitted a quote to a dealer for a locker project with the MN National Guard Armory. The project was for double tier 3x3x7 and 3x3x6 lockers with steel shelves, leveling legs, and tamper-resistant hardware. The specification also required hot-dipped galvanized lockers.


We informed the dealer and the National Guard contact that a galvanized locker would not pass the test inspection. We provided a quote using standard powder coat paint and took exception to the hot-dipped galvanized specification for the following reasons:

  • Hot dipping warps the panels and leaves sharp edges on the product.
  • BeastWire locker doors are pre-welded to the frame and cannot be galvanized.
  • Galvanizing is an expensive option.

As a result, the dealer submitted our bid using standard paint but pointed out the reasons for the exception to the specification that we requested. However, another dealer with a competitor’s locker won the order using hot-dipped galvanized lockers.

A full-size locker had to be supplied for inspection, approval, and sign off before final approval of the order. The competitor’s locker failed for all the reasons we had mentioned in our original quote.

The sample unit included sharp edges on the angle frame and the wire. The door bracing supports did not meet the specification, and the divider for the double tier lockers was not acceptable. Plus, the competitor refused to fix the problems and proved less than friendly with the contractor. Because of these issues, the National Guard decided to use another manufacturer.


SpaceGuard’s customer service team and our dealer worked with the general contractor to get an exception to the MN National Guard’s original specification. We then sent a BeastWire sample unit for a side-by-side comparison and inspection with the competitor’s locker.

The MN National Guard and the architect on the project were pleased with the better construction, quality, and the overall appearance of the BeastWire locker. As a result, SpaceGuard lockers are now in more than nine additional armory locations.


The SpaceGuard Products team works hard to get things done right the first time. We advocate for the best product for our customers. You will not be disappointed!

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