SpaceGuard Announces Release of 3D Configurator—The BeastBuilder

News Release

April 10, 2018

For Immediate Release


Seymour, IN—SpaceGuard Products is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated 3D Configurator—the BeastBuilder.

The BeastBuilder is a revolutionary software, custom-designed with FactorOps, that will not only save distributors of BeastWire Mesh Partitions and Lockers money but will help them close more deals before even leaving the initial meeting with the customer!

A responsive interface allows the user to quickly add and remove components, edit sizes and colors, and change gate options without any formal training required. In fact, the software serves as a field training tool on the flexibility of the innovative BeastWire Mesh Guarding line.

This software allows the dealer to develop storage and safeguarding solutions together with their customer in the field. There is no wait for 3rd party drawings or a bill of materials. And various layout options can be created and reviewed firsthand. The BeastBuilder does it all.

By providing the client with 3D drawings and renderings live and in real-time, the dealer saves on costly engineering fees and substantial time, as well.

A cage drawing that may have taken hours, can be created with the BeastBuilder in under 15-minutes. Complex locker layouts that may have taken dayscan be drawn in under 30-minutes. A quote takes only a few minutes more and can easily include freight, installation, and sales tax estimates. And, because the customer is involved in the design process, they are reassured that they’re getting what they want.

“It’s never been so easy to sell BeastWire products. Dealers who are using BeastBuilder are selling and closing more deals because they can leave the client with a quote before even leaving the meeting.”—Eddie Murphy, SpaceGuard Products, President.


About SpaceGuard Products, Inc.

SpaceGuard Products is a privately-owned, U.S. manufacturer of wire mesh partitions, security cages, storage lockers, and various barrier guarding products. SpaceGuard has manufactured and marketed several nationally-recognized brands including FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions and BeastWire Mesh Guarding since 1990.


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