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SpaceGuard Products Showcases Innovation in Coolest Thing Made in Indiana Contest

In a showcase of manufacturing prowess, SpaceGuard Products proudly participated in the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana Contest hosted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. ...
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SpaceGuard Products Announces the Promotion of Hauris Lewis to Executive Vice President of Sales & Engineering

SEYMOUR, Ind., Oct. 16, 2023 – SpaceGuard Products, a pioneering manufacturer of wire mesh partitions, is delighted to announce the promotion of Hauris Lewis to ...
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BeastWire racks

Pallet Rack Backing: Wire Mesh Panels Are A Better Choice Than Netting

Warehouse safety is paramount for businesses that handle large quantities of inventory on pallet racks. Pallet rack backing is a safety solution that is available ...
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Understanding the Importance of the “Distance to Hazard” in the Safeguarding Industry

Machine guarding is necessary for any business that utilizes machinery with moving parts, such as manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, warehouses, construction sites, and any other ...
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BeastWire Machine Guarding Brazeway

The Benefits of Wire Mesh for Machine Guarding in Industrial Settings

Machine guarding is an essential safety measure that helps protect workers from potential hazards associated with machinery and equipment. In industrial settings, choosing the right ...
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The Importance of Machine Guarding: Protect Your Business From Workplace Injuries

SpaceGuard Products knows the importance of machine guarding to businesses large and small. In this blog, we will explore the importance of machine guarding and ...
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