Why Smart People Buy BeastWire DEA Cages!

Federal regulations for the storage of controlled substances and narcotics are strict and for a good reason. But, the common misconception is that an expensive custom application is required to achieve this higher level of security. BeastWire Mesh DEA cages, however, squash that false belief!

Did you know that BeastWire Mesh partitions meet all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V of controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76?

Indeed, you read it correctly! But, how you ask?

Well, by using readily available components including our proprietary growth plate to secure beneath the cage mesh panels and doors, BeastWire provides the desired level of security while offering a cost-effective solution.

So, what makes the BeastWire DEA cages so protective? Let me explain.

The Mesh Panels

BeastWire pharmaceutical and DEA cages are constructed using panels that meet or exceed the specification. We manufacture our panels using a 10-gauge welded wire mesh with 2” square patterns which are small enough to keep items secure. The FDA requirement is an opening no larger than 2-1/2”. With our standard mesh panels along with a variety of other mesh options we meet and exceed this requirement.

The Hardware

Whether you’re bolting a panel to a panel or a panel to a post, a breakaway nut or tack welded standard nut is required. Both nuts allow your cages to be tamper-proof which means they would have to be cut to be removed. Standard tools such as wrenches and sockets won’t let the nuts/bolts to be stripped from your cage. And because BeastWire uses all straight through carriage bolts for the connections, no nuts should be exposed on the outside of the cage anyways.

The Spacing

First and foremost, a DEA style cage means there can be absolutely no sweep space below your bottom panel. Second, the cage walls are required to elevate to the underside of your facility’s ceiling. If the cage is shorter than a mesh ceiling must be added. BeastWire Mesh DEA cage ceiling panels are constructed from the same rigid and heavy-duty materials as the wall panels.

The Doors

BeastWire Mesh DEA Cage Doors conform to all the requirements of 21 CFR 1301.72(b)(3)(ii). Our DEA cages come with either a hinge or slide door and both are available with hydraulic self-closers and provide self-locking capabilities for all mortise cylinder and electronic access control locks. Our slide doors come with hydraulic closers. But, for larger cages, the slide gates can use hard-wired automatic gate closers with a chain-less driver track.

We also offer a variety of controlled entry options, as well. For instance, slide gates with hydraulic closers are often paired with our slide door electric strike—providing additional security and safety measures.

In Conclusion

BeastWire Mesh cages meet and exceed all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of pharmaceutical items, narcotics, and other controlled substances.

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