Physical Data Center Security: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset


Network security starts at the physical level.

When it comes to data center protection, the physical security of your servers is just as important as the digital security of them.

To minimize the risk of a physical server breach, consider implementing the following safeguards:

  1. Lock up the server room or floor. Ensure that all doors leading in and out of the server location are secure. Poor, inadequate, or broken locks will offer little protection.
  2. Set up surveillance. Make sure you can track who enters and leaves server rooms with monitoring solutions such as a logbook or other authentication systems such as smart cards, tokens, or biometric scans. Video cameras that give a good view of persons entering and leaving should also be installed for an added layer of protection. Whether cameras record all the time or just on motion detection is up to you; however, they should be strategically placed to hinder tampering or disablement.
  3. Use rack-mount servers. Rackmount servers are easier to secure than tower ones because they can be locked into closed racks and bolted to the floor, making them difficult to move, let alone steal.


The National B.E.A.S.T. Agency also recommends that wire mesh cages be installed around the servers to add more security. Welded wire fencing is an adaptable, safe, and cost-effective security option for server and data protection at single location businesses, as well as enterprise, colocation, managed service data centers.

The size and configuration of the cages can be modified as floor plans and space needs change. And, the wire mesh allows visibility and ventilation, so it does not require changing of HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems to install.

Server security cages are typically constructed with three sides that span from slab to ceiling and connect to a wall. Hinged doors can be added when the option for stringent entry authentication measures is required while locking sliding gate closures enable space optimization. Plus, their modular nature allows for quick and hassle-free installation and reconfiguration.


Whether you are protecting a single tower or rack at your own location, a few client servers as a managed services provider, or many clients’ data at a colocation data center, wire mesh security cages will help you lock up as well as lock down your data.

Consult the National B.E.A.S.T. Agency today for the latest guidance on adding secure wire mesh enclosures to your physical data center security plan. For more information on BeastWire Data Center Cages, check out Episode 2 Safety Task Force Podcast— Data Center Facility Trends & Solutions.

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