Episode 7: Safely Bringing Employees Back to Work

This week’s guest on the Safety Task Force podcast was Jeff Smagacz, Ergonomics Practice Leader from Marsh. Jeff joined me to talk about the shift in the workplace we’ve all experienced over the last few months. He explains what employers and employees should be concerned about many people are now working from home and how to adjust to the current situation we find ourselves in. He provides great tips to make it through the day and how to set ourselves up for success no matter where we’re working. We discuss how to stay aware, stay engaged, and stay in charge of our workspace. As a lot of business are beginning to bring employees back to the office, we discuss how communication is key. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Listen to Episode 7 below: Jeff Smagacz

  • Shifting to work-from-home fulltime, and now back to the office
  • Setting ourselves up for success while working from home
  • Creating a Playbook for bringing your employees back to the office
  • Keeping all lines of communication open
  • Ways to stay aware, stay engaged and stay in charge of your workspace

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