Episode 12: Creating a Safer Work Environment

This week, Josh Smith, President at Wholesale Pallet Rack Products (WPRP), joins me to discuss how he has successfully created a safer work environment for his employees and customers throughout the past 6-8 months of the pandemic. Josh discusses changes that they’ve made to the office environment and the warehouse. A particular item we discuss is the BeastWire Mesh Driver’s Cage that he has installed in their warehouse. This has allowed them to increase their security measures and keep people from wandering through their facility. Listen to the interview to learn how everything is working out for WPRP and what feedback Josh has received from employees. One of the biggest difficulties through all of this has been creating a safe environment that could remain open 100% of the time. When will you know if what you’re doing for your organization is safe enough for your employees to feel comfortable at work again?

Listen to Episode 12 below: Josh Smith

  • Biggest safety concerns as a manufacturer and wholesaler
  • How to create a handsfree facility
  • Receiving employee feedback and how to reward it
  • Determining when to allow visitors into your facility
  • Recognizing when your facility is safe enough

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