Episode 11: Ergonomics Best Practices

Jim Galante, Director of Business Development at Southworth Products Corp, joined us this week to discuss ergonomics best practices and what we’re not always considering. Jim has over 50 years of experience in the material handling industry. He is Chairman of the EASE Council (Ergonomic Assist System & Equipment), a division of the MHI (Material Handling Industry). In Episode 11, Jim explains why ergonomics are important and different factors that affect businesses. He also shares recent trends and ways companies can improve ergonomic safety within their warehouse. Listen in to hear what Jim has to say about automation and the opportunities it presents for ergonomics in the workplace.

Listen to Episode 11 below: Jim Galante

  • Ergonomics and the way they affect businesses
  • Ways businesses can accommodate their employees
  • Recent trends in facility ergonomics
  • Ways e-commerce is changing ergonomics
  • Opportunities presented from automation

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