Tamper Resistant Hardware by Scott Jump

You sold a cage to a company requiring extra security due to the requirements of institutions like DEA, Homeland Security, Military, or a Police Department. The requirements ask for “Tamper Resistant” hardware at all connections.

What does this mean for you and your installers regarding time and material?

Fortunately, you bought BeastWire!

With our Break-Away Nuts the installation time over other methods is cut in half (or more). Other methods that require you to have a welder or torch are slow and can pose a potential hazard. Even if you decide to peen the bolts—which your installer will love—it requires more time and has the added risk of injury (smashed fingers & hands).

With our Break-Away Nuts, the installation is as simple as if you were just attaching on a regular nut. Once the Break-Away Nut is in place, the installer simply runs it down using an impact driver, or drill, or even a socket/ratchet, until the hex head of the Break-Away Nut “snaps” off making a tamper-resistant secure connection. Even the BEAST can’t loosen it!

There are a lot of reasons why people want the added security, be it sensitive materials, drugs, valuables, weapons, or their prized Hot Wheel collection; whatever the reason we offer an easy, cost-effective solution with our Break-Away Nuts.

However, when using the Break-Away Nut on a modular system, there is one major drawback. Once the nuts are installed and snapped off, they aren’t easily removed—hence the reason for them.

To change the layout of your cage, you will need to remove the nuts. To do this, you will need to either cut them off with a cutting tool or use the old vise grip and wrench method, which will wear out your hands and forearms. And not to mention how time-consuming this will be!
So, unless you don’t plan to change the cage configuration, make certain that you want the Break-Away Nuts on the connections.

We supply Break-Away Nuts for all our standard bolt sizes 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8, and when used with our BeastWire system they are very simple to install.

Our standard connections are made using carriage bolts, unlike the angle bolts used in the past and by other manufacturers.

Now that you have the ammo don’t be afraid to say “Yes” to that high-security cage that your end-user is requesting.

Now get out there and win them over!

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