Are You in a Pickle with Your Woven Wire Supplier?


As a result of a New England woven wire company discontinuing its product line, dealers have experienced issues fulfilling open quotes and completing projects on time. Unfortunately, one such dealer found himself in this “pickle.”

But, he was familiar with the SpaceGuard Products FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions and knew it was comparable to this other product line. What he wasn’t expecting were the fantastic turn-around time and the exceptional customer service.

“SpaceGuard products FordLogan woven wire partition line is in position to assist every dealer put in this pickle by selling and installing FordLogan. It’s simple and easy and will help you to keep your customers happy.” —Local New England Dealer


The customer had purchased an older building and needed to renovate the building to bring it up to code. During the expansion, the customer wanted to limit the staff access to stored material. So, they need an enclosure to secure equipment and stock items properly. Since the building was outdated, the partition height had to be reduced to make it work. The project specified a 7’-0” high woven wire partition system with a simple swing gate.

As a result, the dealer reached out to Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SpaceGuard Products. The dealer explained his situation and the need to complete the project immediately—a tall order, but not for FordLogan Quick Ship Program.

The dealer also admitted his reservations about working with a new woven wire manufacturer because of their long relationship with the competitor. Ray pointed out that FordLogan could fulfill the order while supplying competitive pricing.

There was, however, a difference in what FordLogan had to offer which went above and beyond the competition.

FordLogan offers—

  • State-of-the-art security with our exclusive UNI-MESH ™ woven wire design—a true 1 ½” diamond mesh pattern that is symmetrical in all four directions of the panel and extends out to the framing. Some competitors in the market place do not meet this Woven Wire Products Association (WWPA) design specification.
  • A simple, easy bolt-thru design saving time on installation.
  • A 48-hour Quick Ship on standard panel heights of 7’, 8’, & 10’.
  • Extremely competitive pricing along with an experienced sales team to assist you.


Feeling confident that FordLogan would meet and exceed their product needs with better features and benefits, the dealer submitted an RFQ. He received a quote in less than 24 hours. With a purchase order in hand, the product shipped within 48-hours and arrived well packaged and on time. The dealer was able to meet the customer deadline.

As a result, SpaceGuard’s customer service, quick ship program, and quality product saved the day and the dealers reputation.


Don’t experience what happened with this dealer. If you have catalogs specifying woven wire partitions, FordLogan will provide you with the best opportunity to secure the project.

FordLogan’s True American Craftsmanship has been leading the way for over 70 years. Call Ray Niemeyer or one of our experienced sale team members today for an immediate quote. Don’t be left behind by another woven wire supplier.

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