SpaceGuard Products Announces the Launch of RageWire—Robotic Automation Guarding Evolved

The most intuitive robotic guarding system that offers a simple, cost-effective solution to the ANSI B11.19-2010 (previously R15.06-1999) standard.

Seymour, Indiana—April 13, 2021— SpaceGuard Products, Inc., a leading provider in the wire mesh guarding industry, announced the launch of its newest product line—RAGEWire. It’s an intuitive robotic guarding product that takes the worry out of protective guarding for your robotic investment. This new product line offers the simplicity of five (5) essential components that make installation easy and affordable.

“It is with much-anticipated excitement that SpaceGuard Products continues to grow and expand our product line to accommodate the needs of our customers,” said Eddie Murphy, President. “This new product line provides a structurally sound protective guarding robotic cage that is affordable yet simple enough to install. Our goal is to make this process simple—plant a post, then hang a panel.”

RAGEWire Robotic Guarding consists of five essential components: 5′ wide panels, 6′, 7′, 8′ tall universal posts, wire panel hanger brackets, universal swing and slide door access, and electric interlock access. By keeping the line basic, it offers simplicity and affordability. The RAGEWire V mesh panel design adds strength and rigidity to the system protecting assets and employees from injury while complying with government standards.

Additionally, its intuitive design and wire mesh opening size of 1.25” x 4” vertical grid pattern conforming to RIA/ANSI Standards allow for a 17.5” compact, clear distance between the machine and the enclosure. This distance between the robot and the guarding enclosure is critically important because it frees up valuable real estate on the factory floor.

The hardware comes secured to the bracket and will not disengage upon impact keeping employees safe. The unique saddle pocket brackets provide a quick panel lift-out system for machine access and fast panel reengagement. Integrated screw locks retain the panels to the posts. The only way to remove the RAGEWire panels is from inside the cage, which means the robot is disengaged before entry. The only point of entry is through the door and the fortress locking system.

SpaceGuard Products continually focuses on innovation and streamlining its processes to provide reliable products and services.

About SpaceGuard Products, Inc.

SpaceGuard Products is a privately-owned, U.S. manufacturer of wire mesh partitions, security cages, storage lockers, and various barrier guarding products. SpaceGuard has manufactured and marketed several nationally-recognized brands including FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions, BeastWire Mesh Guarding, and RAGEWire since 1990.


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