A Pesky Pigeon Poop Problem


Chicago may be best known as the “Windy City”, but unfortunately, it is also known for the swarm of pigeons that plague the city streets. Pigeon droppings coat sidewalks, porches, and patios, which prove to be a nasty nuisance. As for Derrick Wlodarz—a Chicago apartment owner, he decided to get rid of them once and for all from his building.


Derrick’s family had bought an 80-year, three-story corner building, which at one time was a bank, in an old section of Chicago close to downtown. Like most older buildings, it was built beside another building with only a small gap between them, which helped with air floor and separation.

At one time, this building connected to the next by a small walkway bridge on the second floor that opened to a 16’x20’ patio or open area. It was an odd shape and spanned up towards the 3rd floor of the building.

The patio became home to pigeons looking for shelter from the elements that quickly became an unpleasant mess for the residents.

Before calling SpaceGuard, Derrick tried several other options, including netting, but over time it broke down, and the pigeons returned. Fed up, he reached out SpaceGuard for a final solution which included a complete remodel of the old building. It consisted of a mix-use space—retail in the basement and first floor, and residential apartments on the second and third floors.

During the initial consultation, the SpaceGuard team listened to Wlodarz’s needs and goals and created a comprehensive quote that included complete engineered drawings. But through the conversation, it became evident that Derrick had another problem—homeless persons sleeping in an alcove along the back alleyway.

The team quickly went to work to provide Derrick with a solution for both uninvited guests.


Since Derrick was renovating this old building into a luxury apartment complex, the nook in the alleyway would become the new utility equipment room. To keep people out of this area and provide protection for the utility fixtures, we installed a BeastWire door with a padlock. Eliminating any security concerns and kept people safe.

As for the pigeons, the final solution was to erect an odd-shaped single-wall partition that was 16’ wide x 20’ tall. The posts anchored to the porch floor and extended up to the underside of the third-floor ceiling. The partition panels were made of expanded metal and went from floor to ceiling. The wall was laterally braced every 10 to 17 feet.

The small diamond mesh expanded metal panels along with trimming the top, bottom, and side gaps provided the necessary guarding to keep any size bird out of this area. It offered a clean space while still allowing light and airflow to keep the area cool and dry.


SpaceGuard Products offers many different wire mesh patterns to solve numerous security and guarding requirements. We have the flexibility to find the right wire mesh solution for your application.

Don’t let pesky pigeon poop keep you from providing a safe and well-kept building for your tenants. Give us a call today!

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