Lites! Camera! Action!


Have you ever been to a concert or a theatre performance and were completely mesmerized by the light show? If you have, then Christie Lites most likely was responsible.

With locations in the UK, Canada, and the United States, Christie Lites Rental Network provides stage lighting services and technical expertise to in industries such as theatre, concerts, special events, tv and film, tradeshows, and corporate gatherings.

Recently, in their Orlando, Florida location, they needed a secure storage area that protected high valuable lighting parts before being added into their retail inventory. They required a system that would include multiple gate openings for forklifts while still providing the ability to control stock and maintain accurate product counts.


With a high-volume location in Orlando, Florida, Christie Lites needed a secure storage area to manage inventory entering the building. They wanted a modular design that provided easy installation and allowed for air flow while maintaining inventory security.

The wire mesh caging was intended to provide a flexible quarantined staging area for inbound receiving of high-valued inventory, which included checking for product count accuracy and labeling before placement in their retail stock.

It was also essential to work with a solution provider, who if needed, could provide a quick turn-around on any additional caging materials due to reconfigurations during the installation process. The provider needed to be flexible with appropriate inventory on hand in order to ship the new product quickly.


The solution was simple—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. With its universal posts, panels, and simplified hardware, BeastWire was easy to install without compromising the integrity of the caging system which secures the products. The partitions, constructed of steel mesh, allowed for unobstructed views and circulation of light and air while still maintaining its structural purpose.

BeastWire’s flexible design allowed Christie Lites to arrange the panels and posts as needed to achieve the desired heights and widths. Using growth plates, they were able to maximize the use of standard panels and post to easily integrate various size openings—allowing for multiple gate locations wide enough for forklift traffic.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. We were able to help Christie Lites by meeting their physical requirements for security caging while also providing superior customer service. We did this by ensuring a quick turn-around time on the shipment of new material due to onsite design changes after the initial delivery.

“We were extremely very satisfied with the turn-around time we received from SpaceGuard Products on additional wire mesh parts that we needed due to design changes on our part.” —Dan Souwand, VP Equipment, Systems and Warehousing, Christie Lites

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