Episode 8: Photoluminescence Safety within the Warehouse

In this week’s episode, Zach Green, Founder and CEO of LumAware Inc., joined me to discuss safety solutions for warehouses utilizing photoluminescence technology. Zach begins by explaining his background as a volunteer firefighter and how LumAware came about. He describes how firefighters have benefited and continue to benefit from photoluminescence technology but goes even further to explain why warehouses need to consider it as well. LumAware’s EXIT signs and egress products are the perfect solutions for when warehouses experience power outages, and their backup systems fail. Listen to Episode 8 to learn how Zach recommends a business begin the process of switching over, and all the benefits involved in doing so.

Listen to Episode 8 below: Zach Green

  • How to integrate Photoluminescence technology into your Egress System
  • Ways to save money and continue to meet NFPA and IBC codes
  • Identify the difference between traditional EXIT signs and LumAware’s EXIT signs
  • Removal of tritium signs and the process that needs followed
  • Ways that LumAware is helping businesses safely get employees back at work

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